BBC Sissy Trainer

I am a BBC sissy trainer. If you do not know what I mean, I mean I will have all your holes filled with big black cocks. There is a reason they say once you go black you never go back. The reason is these cocks are huge. The first thing I do is dress you up like the little slut you are. Some cute lingerie including frilly panties and a garter belt.  Then I will put some bright red lipstick on those slutty lips.

bbc sissy trainer

You will look like the trailer trash you are. I will take you down to a bar where I know that lots of black guys hang out there. I know it will be humiliating walking around in lingerie and red lipstick but the more embarrassed you are the wetter my pussy gets.  At the bar, I am going to bring three guys home with us and you are going to watch them fuck me. After they have filled my ass and my pussy with cum you will take your tongue and clean me out. You will eat every drop of cum they left in me. Now it is your turn to take all the black cock. I force you to bend over the bed and open up your ass cheeks. One of the big black men impales your ass with his huge cock, then another one puts a cock in your mouth. I have every single one of your holes filled up with a big black cock. It is just the beginning of the night and I have so many more big black cocks for you.

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