Rub Your Worm For Me

mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex brings all you pansy assess to my front door. Wanting an invitation into my bed. But just like my sorry ass husband you too are only for my entertainment. You understand that, though don’t you? I mean look at that little thing between your legs. It is like a cocktail wiener. Nothing more than a snack, a little appetizer at best. And my perfect pussy does not entertain something so minuscule. You my dear sissy look best in pretty panties. Nylon and satin so that your little cock resembles a clit. A clit that needs stroking. So, put on your panties and make sure they are nice and snug. See how your little worm sticks out? Now spread your legs and show mistress Violet what we do with little clitties. There you go, stroke it, like the little pussy it is. Let me see you put your fingers around it and stroke. Oh, my don’t you look adorable. Is that a little wet spot appearing on your panties? Of course, it is, you can’t even hold it can you. You aren’t a minute man, are you? More like a few second’s man. But we already know that. So, you sit right there and keep rubbing your little weenie as this man with a big snake fucks me. I see you stroking harder and faster. Damn sissy, you came before I did. Pull those panties down and let me see your little cummies mess. That is really laughable how small that puddle is. Pull your panties back up and watch as my perfect cunt gets filled with a big load.

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    • brad on March 19, 2021 at 2:08 pm
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    i want to stroke cock for you and suck them

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