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Sissy Girl Training My New Favorite Lisa!

Sissy Girl Training

My sweet sissy girl training slut Lisa learned how to take multiple strap-ons in her sissy pussy at the same time! I had the brilliant idea of bringing my new sissy panties slut over to my mansion for a hot orgy with my sex queen girlfriends. I told Lisa to dress in all white like a virgin because it would be a very special occasion for her; she was going to be the star of our goddess orgy! One by one my gorgeous gal pals filled the mansion all for a chance to break in my newest online sissy training protégé. Lisa was blushing and bashful when we stripped her of her beautiful white negligée leaving her only in a blonde wig and thigh high stockings. At first Lisa’s clitty was so tiny but when we started fucking her with our shiny steel strap-ons it grew and grew! Lisa surprised me by begging for one of my sex queens to ride her clitty while I fucked her asshole but I obliged her and I even had another goddess come fuck that tight boy pussy open with me. We fucked Lisa’s asshole with two thick strap-ons until she sissy squirted inside the cum queen riding her cock, It was pure sissy training bliss!

Domination Phone Sex With Sissy Lisa!

Domination Phone Sex
My favorite domination phone sex calls are with my sissy Lisa and lots of strap on fun! Lisa is a cock sucking slut who loves being all dolled up in the finest lingerie. She has been my sissy for some time now and she knows when Mistress Raine and her gaggle of gal pals come out to play with our strap-ons it’s time to suck some serious cock. Lisa is one of those sissy faggots who only likes to suck strap on cock instead of real cock, which I think is such an awful waste of her talents… Lisa will learn one day when me and my girlfriends set her up with some real hard cock, just what a good little sissy slut does to please her mistress!

Femboy Training Mistresses’ Fluffer!

Femboy Training

Some of my best work as a femboy training mistress is in teaching a good sissy to fluff hard cock for me! Yes, I absolutely do have my very own cock fluffer that I bring with me whenever I feel like getting down and dirty. My special sissy in panties is usually dressed up like my bimbo slut fuck toy in all pink! She’ll be all ready to shake some ass, gag on cock and get that D nice and hard for me. My bald wet twat needs thick veiny BBC and my sissies are some of the best BBC fluffer’s to ever give head. They have learned from the very best to suck dick and finger fuck ass just like their mistress. I’m a prostate milking cum queen and any sluts I femboy train will follow in their goddesses’ footsteps!

Cock Sucking Sissy Phone Chat!

Sissy Phone Chat

The best way to learn to suck dick like a pro is to have hot cock sucking sissy phone chat with sissy training mistress Raine! I’ve sucked more than a few dicks in my life because I’m a down and dirty phone dominatrix with a craving for deep throat fucking. I’d even say I’m the head bitch in charge of gobbling cock so any of my sissies must be trained to my standard! That’s why whenever I have nasty sissy phone chat, I make sure to tell them to grab their biggest dildo so we can practice slurping down big hard dick together. My sissies love it when I have my stud cock join us on a phone fuck so they can hear me gulping and gagging like a filthy mistress phone sex goddess. I have to make my sissies the best at swallowing cock because their sloppy top skills absolutely reflect on me and I have to maintain my reputation as the best bbc sissy trainer that money can buy!

Phone Domination Is My Calling!

Phone Domination

I’m a natural born phone sex queen which means phone domination is my calling! There is only one thing that makes a phone dominatrix like me wet and that is any kind of taboo phone chat. I love when sissies call me and make me take complete control of them, I get to treat them like my little fuck puppets! Any sissy training sweetie of mine will be treated like a cum slave for any big hard cock I can find. My favorite thing to do while breaking in my new sissy fuck toy is to make her stretch out that bussy while taking a thick meat rod. I fuck that tight little boy pussy with my strap-on while she is already stuffed air tight with a thick BBC. The stretch alone is enough to make my sweet little sissy girl squirt in her panties!

Forced Sissy Training With Raine!

Forced Sissy Training

Forced sissy training means I made my new sissy faggot fuck 13 cocks in one day! Lots of my sissies love an ambitious assignment so I know it’s the best way to weed out any faggot sluts who just won’t make the cut. This morning I had a brilliant idea to force one of my new sissies to complete a big bimbo assignment to really get their sissy pussy stretched. I had half a mind to send her to the gloryhole to get fucked but instead I sent her to a truck stop. Truckers are the best was for a sissy to practice identifying men who look straight but very much love boy pussy and getting their dicks sucked. My new sissy was overwhelmed when she found out that men love a good circle jerk in the truck stop bathroom! She got her little pussy stretched out and her throat fucked by at least thirteen different cocks, I was so proud of her bimbo initiative!

Mistress Phone Sex: Training Sissy Fuck Toys!

Mistress Phone Sex
The truth is, sissies love calling me for Mistress phone sex because I give them real experience with fucking big cocks! Some of my best training sessions happen when I invite one of my stud cocks over for a long night of sissy girl training. I make my sissies learn exactly how I take a big hard dick; they learn fast how I manage to extract that hot creamy load every time. From cock sucking to deep anal fucking, my sissy maid training sessions aren’t for the weak unsure sissy… Of course, I train the curious faggot sluts too but my real talent is in being the wildest phone dominatrix to push even a confident sissy girl to their absolute limit. Do you dare seek phone domination from a real BBC sissy trainer?

BBC Sissy Trainer Will Stretch Your Ass!

BBC Sissy Trainer

Being a BBC sissy trainer means that I turn curious sissies into complete fuck toys for some of my big black studly friends! One of my new sissy slave training babies asked me what does it take to ride a BBC? I told that little slut it takes a whole lot of anal training! It’s not easy being split open and used like a fuck sleeve on a BBC… you have to submit to me completely, you have to want to be owned by that big black stud cock. My online sissy training got her stretching that fuckhole in no time; we started with a small six-inch dildo, stretching while we chatted and had sissy phone sex. It only took a week to get my sissy taking an 11-inch BBC because I’m the best sissy trainer for femboy training!

Humiliation Phone Sex: The Smaller The Better!

Humiliation Phone Sex

So many times, I’ve been asked if I’d like to be entertained by small cock humiliation phone sex and my answer is always, yes! A goddess like me can only get fucked by the biggest of cock because I’m a size queen. I believe in training my sissies to be obsessed with big cocks too so the only use I see for a little tiny cock is to make me laugh. I love seeing how absolutely miniature a cock is next to a nice big dick that I’ve sucked hard. The comparison alone is enough to make me giggle. Those tiny cocks might as well be clits and the boys with them might as well be chicks! Small cock humiliation phone sex is my favorite pastime if I’m not busy being the best BBC sissy trainer for sluts who want to serve me!

Calling All Sissy Girl Training Applicants!

Online Sissy Training

I don’t just train any curious faggot that comes into my chat, I train only the best sissy girl training applicants! I’m an exclusive online sissy trainer and I demand your utmost devotion to our training sessions. When you are mine, I will make you the best little sissy panties slut that you can be! I’ll have you strutting your stuff in high heels and kinky lingerie in no time! I’ll own all those perfect bimbo fuck holes so only the best cock will do when it comes to fucking my pretty sissies. You’ll have a great time shopping for clothes and cock with me and when we are out and about, you’ll be on display like my perfect little sissy cock tease! Mistress phone sex is just the beginning! We will find some hard BBC to please and make a game out of who can take that big dick the deepest! You will love having Mistress Raine as your best sissy trainer BFF!