Forced Sissy Training With Raine!

Forced Sissy Training

Forced sissy training means I made my new sissy faggot fuck 13 cocks in one day! Lots of my sissies love an ambitious assignment so I know it’s the best way to weed out any faggot sluts who just won’t make the cut. This morning I had a brilliant idea to force one of my new sissies to complete a big bimbo assignment to really get their sissy pussy stretched. I had half a mind to send her to the gloryhole to get fucked but instead I sent her to a truck stop. Truckers are the best was for a sissy to practice identifying men who look straight but very much love boy pussy and getting their dicks sucked. My new sissy was overwhelmed when she found out that men love a good circle jerk in the truck stop bathroom! She got her little pussy stretched out and her throat fucked by at least thirteen different cocks, I was so proud of her bimbo initiative!

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