Sissy Slave Training with Goddess Genesis

Sissy Slave Training
Sissy slave training with Goddess Genesis will become part of your nightly routine. You’ll become addicted to my voice. You will do as I say, because you’re my pathetic little sissy fem boy. I’m going to dress you up in a nice pretty pink dress. One that hugs all your luscious curves. Make sure to put a thong and lace bra underneath first.

I’m going to make you wear some shiny leather platform pink thigh high boots. Your leash and collar come next. I need that so I can take you out around town and parade you around like a good little sissy that you are. Your cute little jiggly ass pokes out underneath your short dress for everyone to see your sissy panties.

Out on the town with your Mistress Genesis

Once we’re out in the city, everyone will see that I own you. I own every last little bit of your pathic self. From the tip of your pathetic tiny little clitty that’s caged up. To the top of your beautifully curled long wing that I put on you before we left the house. Today we’re taking you shopping. You need more outfits to prance around in when I take you out and show you off.

Everyone knows that I’m the best sissy trainer in this town. Pathetic men call and email me all the time so I can teach them how to be a good little sissy. So, you’re lucky that you’re even getting time with me today to go shopping. I’m usually always booked up; my phones are always ringing when I’m doing my phone sex gig at night.

Never Say No to Mistress Genesis

So, if you see me online, you better message me fast before someone else does. You better thank me when I answer your call, like a good little sissy boy. Otherwise, you’ll be punished. My sissy girl training is an art in its own form. I will turn you into my own little barbie doll, dress you and teach you all the things you need to know how to do to pleasure your Goddess.

Now pick up your phone and call me. That’s a good little sissy barbie boy. Let Goddess Genesis transform you into the pathetic little bitch that you are. Maybe I’ll even let one of my enormous BBC friends come over to teach you how to deep throat a good cock. 

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