Sissy humiliation training

Best sissy trainer

Know your worth and then add tax! The smaller the penis the more taxes you’ll pay! Sisses act as if they have a choice.. Let’s be serious that disturbingly little pecker doesn’t ever get to actually fully experience a woman’s vagina. That is exactly why you find yourself searching for pleasure in other ways!

I mean you are going to have to perform in some way in the bedroom and that’s why we turn you out to be a sissy fuck whore! It’s our way of introducing you to what is inevitable to come. That’s right! A sexy woman like myself is going to require a nice thick long dick to enjoy!

It’s either you get in or get lost! So that leaves you without a choice with your desperation you are willing to do anything aren’t you? Even if that means deep throating a cock to prepare him for my tight pink pussy! The look on your face as your little grape smuggling balls tense up and your cock stands as hard as it possibly can. You just want to know the feeling don’t you?

That’s when I invite you to play I demand you down to your knees and force you to take his dick like a champ while I lather your clit up with my pussy juices. Gently caressing your clit until you squirt! Such a well behaved third pinky you have down there. Now take me on a shopping spree!

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