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The Best Sissy Trainer Took a Night off to Get Some BBC

best sissy trainerEven the best sissy trainer needs a night off. I had a date last night. Been forever since a man took me out properly. The Covid virus has put a monkey wrench in dating. Even just hooking up is a challenge nowadays. My sissy boys helped dress money last night. They even did my hair and my make-up. They may have been born male, but they have no masculine characteristics. They made mommy look extra hot. It was fun to get gussied up too. I have spent months at home with my hair in a ponytail and no make-up on. My date was a handsome black man named Tyrese. I met him months ago and we have texted daily while on quarantine. He loves sexy white milfs. He is ten years younger, but he is no gang banger. He is a college professor at one of the universities in town. Smart, handsome, financially secure and hung? I won the fucking lottery. We had a great date. Neither of us wanted it to end, so I invited him home for a drink since no bars are open yet in my state. My sissy boys were hiding. They knew how excited I was to get some big black cock again. I did not spring my sissy boys on my date yet, so they stayed quiet and watched as their sexy mommy got some big black cock on the couch. I was making a lot of noise because he was huge, and I had not been fucked in too long. I enjoyed Tyrese and his cock for a few hours. When he left, I summoned my sissy boys into the living room. They do not need sissy slave training. They knew what to do. I parted my legs and let them get their creamy reward for making mommy look so sexy.

Proud of Femboy Training and My Sissy Sons

femboy trainingJune is Pride month. And I am proud of my femboy training daughter and sissy boy sons. The reason I am a sissy trainer is because I have sissy sons. I knew early on that they were different from other boys. I have a 20-year-old son from my first marriage. My daughter is 18 and she has the same daddy as my oldest son. I had twin boys in my 30s from a fling. I decided to raise them a single mom. At the time, my daughter and older son were young teens, but they could help me out with babysitting occasionally. When it became challenging, I quit my job as a professional dominatrix, and took a s job as a sissy phone sex operator, so I could work at home and be around more. That was when I noticed my twins were into things other boys were not. I had been a dominatrix and sissy trainer for decades; I knew the signs, even in young boys. They were taking my panties and wearing them, but not jacking off in them. They just liked the feel of the silk on their little dicks. They also had more fun playing with their older sister’s old Barbie dolls than their big brother’s Legos or Matchbox cars. My daughter recognized the differences too. She was a natural sissy trainer, so I made her my protégé. Together, we raised twin sissy boys. Something we all share a love for in this family is big black cock. My daughter and my sissy boys have black spade tattoos above their pussies. It is a sign of ownership to black men. I love big black dicks, but no own owns me. I may be a great BBC sissy trainer and I may love BBCs in my pussy, but I am a dominant woman. I do however, love turning sissies and young girls into black cock whores. I understand if you cannot be out of the closet like my twins, but I am here to help you be proud of you even if I am the only other person who knows.

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Online Sissy Training for Shrimp Dick Losers

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training with tiny dick losers who belong in panties is my favorite. Why? Because I love a good laugh. And who does not need a good laugh right now. There is nothing funnier to me than a shrimp dick loser dressed up girly and sissified; especially one who thinks his 4-inch dick will make me scream.  I can be a heartless cold bitch when it comes to tiny dicks. I like to think of myself as a sweet mommy, but if a man comes at me with something I would expect to see on a Ken doll, my bitch side comes out swinging.  Men have two jobs in this world. Provide financially for women and to satisfy them in bed. If you cannot do either, maybe it is time for some serious sissy training. My ex-husband was an excellent bread winner. We are divorced, but we had a daughter and twin boys together. How, I am not sure, but there is a strong probability he is not the biological baby daddy. He knows that, but he loves them like they are his brats. He still provides financially for us, but he was not going to be my sissy bitch, so I kicked him out. As a sissy bitch, you can at least provide me with some entertainment. He was not a man in my eyes if he could not make me cum with his 4-inch nub. I do not care how much money you make. If you cannot spoil me in bed, you do not get to control the show. Your lack of manhood makes me the bitch in charge. My husband did not want to wear panties, or suck cock, or get fucked in his backdoor pussy by my strap on or a cock. That is why he is my ex-husband and I am doing sissy phone sex. I will train to expect your fate with women and please them the only way you can. Trust me, being my sissy bitch will suit you so much better than being my lover

Sissy Training for Every Kind of Sissy

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? It is okay to admit that you do. It takes a village to make a sissy. Many of my phone sissies have a real-life dominant woman in their lives as well, or did in the past, as well as a phone mistress. But for many, I am their only lifeline. There are all kinds of sissies in the world. There are 24 /7 sissies, but they are rare. Most men cannot live the sissy life around the clock because of wives and work. Most of the 24/7 sissies are rich, single and retired. Then there are the high sissies. Those are sissies who only get in touch with their feminine side when high on coke or meth or even drunk. Those are fun sissies. They can talk for hours and they will do anything you tell them, even the most humiliating tasks. There are the closeted sissies and they are the most common. No one knows their naughty secret, but a phone dominatrix like me. They make calls when wives are asleep or out of town, or sometimes from work. For them, they usually have sissy supplies hidden somewhere safe. They may have a variety of sex toys and women’s clothing they bought or borrowed, but no one knows about their sissy desires. Then there are the sissies only on the phone. These men want to be sissies, but they cannot because of a spouse or a job. They are too afraid to tell anyone or even have any supplies hidden at home. They only fantasize about being a sissy on sissy phone sex calls. I love all sissies. Part-time sissies, closeted sissies, high sissies and the sissies only in their minds. Every kind of sissy needs and deserves a sissy trainer who will work with their unique situation.

Never Lie to Your Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrixWhen you do not listen to your phone dominatrix, you get your clitty caged. Currently, I have two bad sissies. Both made me promises that they did not keep. In fact, they both tried to lie to me. I require proof of tasks. A simple photo tells me if you did what you were told to do or not. I am not a dumb mistress. I am college educated with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  You cannot take a photo off the Internet and pass it off as you. I will find it. There are a ton of reverse image finder programs. Both sissies begged me for online sissy training. I took my time to design tasks for them so they could advance and become the best sissies possible. What did they lie about? They told me they went to the glory hole when they did not. Both sent me pictures of them sucking cock, but I found those images on the Internet from years ago. These two sissies do not know each other, but they played the same games. I am a nurturing sissy mom, but lie to me or betray me, you get the cage. I made each loser lying sissy bitch buy a cock cage. They balked of course, but I am not afraid to blackmail an unruly sissy slave.  Most sissies who called me are married or they have corporate type jobs that would laugh them to the unemployment line if they knew what they do behind closed doors. I demanded pictures in their cages. I told them where to get the cages online, so I could verify they purchased them. Each sissy emailed me their receipt copy and a week later, sent me pictures in the exact models they purchased. If you want sissy slave training from me, you must do what you are told. Never lie to a sissy trainer or you will end up on the Internet too.

BBC Sissy Trainer for You

bbc sissy trainerI love being a BBC sissy trainer. I love big black cocks and I love helping sissies know how to handle them. I acquired a new sissy over the weekend. He has long fantasized about being a cuckold, but his wife just would not cheat on him. I have no clue why. I mean that is like having your cake and eating it too. What woman would not want to stay married to a man financially taking care of her and have lovers whenever she wanted? You know damn well, men would jump at that chance. My new sissy is the soon to be ex-husband of a friend of mine. I had no idea he wanted to be a cuckold. I told him he should have confided in me long ago. Before the divorce was finalized, I would have helped my friend because that is what friends do. I want all my girlfriends to have big cocks in their cunts. If I could not help my girlfriend, I could help her ex-husband. I called over a few black men I know that will come over at the drop of a dime. They were knocking on my door before I had my BBC sissy dressed properly. Most of my sissies get online sissy training, but this sissy, I know. She lucked out because she was going to be a cuckold and black cock faggot sissy in one night. I made her fluff my black studs first. If she wanted to be cuckold, she had to fluff and guide those dicks inside me. She also had to clean up my messy pussy afterwards. And of course, cleaning those big black cocks up after my pussy juice coated them is part of being a cuckold. This is also part of being a black cock faggot. Cuckolds often become sissies. Once you suck a black cock you want more. Trust me, I know. I think my friend’s ex-husband is a natural black cock faggot. She is just lucky she knows me because I have lots of black cocks for her to hone her skills on.

My Panties are Your Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesI sold a pair of my panties to a caller and now they are her sissy panties. She called me late last night after her clueless wife fell asleep and pranced around in them. She bought a pair of my pink silky panties. She sent me pictures and I laughed so hard. She is a big hairy boy and she was crammed into my pink panties like a sardine. Now do not misunderstand me. Her dick was NOT filling up my panties. She has the tiniest click stick. Her clitty would not fill up a pair of Barbie’s panties. She had a big old belly and a round rump making my panties look like dental floss.  She needed sissy phone humiliation and she got it. For a pathetic sissy like her, however, humiliation is not punishment. I knew what was, however. I made her shave her hairy chest. How can you be a sissy covered in hair? She is married and has long fought me over shaving her unseemly body hair because her wife would ask questions. I had pictures of her in my panties. I had her home number. I had her wife’s name and I had her address. I threatened to tell her wife what a naughty sissy she has been to get her in line, and I had pictures to prove it. Just the threat of blackmail made her get out the razor and take off that nasty hair. I could not trust my sissy, so I made her send me after photos. I almost pissed when I realized she really did shave her hairy body. She looked so much better in my panties then, but she still needs a makeover. When I am your sissy trainer, you listen to me. You give me information you do not realize I am saving for the first moment you step out of line. I am the best sissy trainer because I know how to handle disobedient sissies.

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More Time for Sissy Slave Training My Boys

Sissy slave training begins at home. I have two sissy boys. Twins. I have been training them for a few years. As I watched them grow, I knew something was different about them.  They enjoyed playing dress up in mommy’s clothes. They never wanted to wear boy underwear. They liked little cotton panties in pastel colors. They wanted to wear dresses instead of jeans. They did not play like other boys either. They wanted to play with Barbie dolls. They loved the show Hannah Montana. They had zero interest in sports or video games. That is still the same. Now that they are off school until the fall, we have more time for sissy training. I ordered panties and baby doll dresses online for them. I have them watching men fuck me. It is good training for sissies. One of the many uses for a sissy is as a fluffer and clean up bitch. They love the taste of cum. Do you? I had a wild Saturday night. Two black lovers came over and fucked the shit out of me. I am no submissive bitch, but these two brothers tagged teamed me for hours like one. My sissy girls had to sit on their hands and wait for their creamy treats. Mommy was high and loving every inch of those big black cocks in my fuck holes. My sissy girls had little hard clittys in their pretty pink panties. They love watching mommy be a whore. They enjoy black cocks too. These two brothers were gang bangers. Ghetto cock. I slummed. Once they were done fucking my pussy, they put their dicks in my girls’ mouths. Told them to taste mommy’s cunt. They are well-trained sissies. They sucked my cunt juice off those dicks like pros. Then they sucked that black cock seed out of mommy’s pussy. They are the best sissies because mommy is the best sissy trainer.

Phone Domination on Lock Down

phone dominationPhone domination does not violate any stay at home orders. Many states are slowly getting back to normal, but adult places will be the last to resume operations. You may not see an adult bookstore or a glory hole open for a while. In the meantime, sissies still need to work on being good sissies. Lori is a long term sissy of mine. In fact, she is a sissy I trained in my home for years. She can no longer come to my house for training. She has become one of you. She must call me for her training. I will not let a sissy slide just because the world is on lock down. Lori is working on her cock sucking skills. She was about to get the real thing in her sissy holes when the world imploded. I had a big black stud lined up to fuck her sissy pussy and her pretty mouth. It will still happen. It just must wait. In the meantime, I sent her some big black dildos. Some from my private collection because she is a special sissy. Not that you are not special. It is just that Lori has been with me for 6 years. I know what you are thinking. Six years and just now about to get cock? Not all sissies are cock whores. Lori started off as a sissy maid. She just wanted to wear pretty things and take care of the best sissy trainer she knew. She would clean my house and worship my pussy and ass whenever I wanted. Lori was married when we first met. She wanted to be a sissy badly, but she did not want to cheat on her wife either. I could work with that. I respected that. Last year, sissy Lori got divorced and she knew that meant it was time to embrace the sissy life in its entirety. Until she can get that big black cock in her sissy holes, she is practicing with my dildos. I do not care if you are a sissy maid or a cock loving sissy faggot, online sissy training keeps you in sissy mode.

Sissy Phone Sex with Your Wife and Mistress

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is still popular. Maybe even more so than ever. Last night, I had a real treat. One of my regular sissy girls called me with his wife. Most of my callers are in the closet. On the outside no one knows they like sucking cock and wearing panties. This sissy was busted by his wife riding her dildo when she came home unexpectedly from work one day. At first, she was disgusted. She thought perhaps she married a fag. I am not saying she didn’t. The jury is still out on that one lol. She just needed time to adjust to the fact that her husband was a cross dressing sissy. The more she thought about it the more she realized having a sissy is the best accessory a dominant woman can possess. We share sissy slave training duties with him. Until last night, I had never spoken to her. In fact, I thought it was likely my sissy lied or embellished about her involvement in his training. Turns out he was being truthful. She is furloughed from work until this virus has quelled some. That means more time on her hands to play with her sissy husband. We took turns last night shaming and humiliating his little clitty. I enjoyed sharing him with his wife. She pegged him too. I knew that was real because I could hear the whimpers. Made me wonder if when he is fucking his back door pussy with a dildo on our calls, if he is really doing it. He never sounded like that on the phone lol. My guess is my sissy bitch is sitting on an inner tube today. A sissy can never have enough mistresses in his life. Although online sissy training is all some sissies can have, the best scenario is a phone mistress and a real-life mistress. Together two sissy trainers can create the best sissy ever.