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Domination phone sex

Domination Phone SexTamika is my name but you will call me Mistress K. I am a Naughty, Kinky Mistress that loves to keep her sissy sluts in line! One thing I must tell you, I am and will always be in control and there is nothing you can do about it. Every kinky nasty demand I make you better fulfill. A slut is what you are an OBEDIENT SLUT is what I’ll groom you to be. I love teaching my little pets as long as my pets aims to please. Never forget Mistress K owns you! When I choose you to be my Sissy Slut be ready to go outside and show the world who’s Sissy slut you are In your nice lace panty set and thigh high tights. Don’t worry my sissy sluts if you do as your asked you’ll have the time of your life your life. Be mindful I don’t play. If you break my rules there will be consequences. From mild to I wish I just obeyed Mistress, depending on how bad you fuck up. Be my good little sissy slut and come play with Mistress K

Mistress phone sex

Sissy Phone Sex Requires Sissy Homework

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex needs a sissy trainer. One who keeps you accountable too. I assign my sissies homework assignments. I do it not only to assert my dominance over a sissy boy but to help him grow too. Sissies need me to push them beyond their comfort zones. For example, I have one sissy who sees me for weekly sessions. This sissy came to me with all sorts of rules. No black cock. No ass play. And he did not want to wear pink.

Guess what? This sissy bitch is a pink wearing bbc whore now. The only rule still left to break is ass play. And I made him ditch that rule this weekend too. You come to me for sissy training, you are not the one in control. Nope. Never. I am your sissy trainer and I call the shots.

I blindfolded my sissy bitch when he sucked his first big black cock. He thought he had an Italian Stallion cock in his mouth, but it was my lover’s 13-inch black beauty instead. Although my sissy did not appear happy at the time, he came back for more. A sissy can stop seeing me or stop calling me, but they rarely do. Not even when I force them to break their rules.

I’m the Sissy Trainer and You Are the Sissy Bitch

I was tired of this sissy refusing to let me even peg his sissy ass. So, I arranged a special session with another hung black lover. But my sissy never saw it coming. Normally, I do not advocate for violence. But sometimes a sissy bitch needs his asshole force fucked to understand how good it feels to have your sissy hole violated. So, I made it happen.

I told my sissy bitch as his phone sex dominatrix, I needed to tie him up. Once I bound him tighter than a side of beef, I pegged him. He whined, screamed and cursed at me. But I kept fucking until my relief arrived. My relief has a name. And it’s Jerome. He is a 26-year-old stud with a big black cock. Now my sissy has no rules left. I violated them all. And I violated my sissy’s ass at the same time. My job as your sissy trainer is not to make you feel safe and comfortable. It’s to push those boundaries so you can be the best sissy around. Limits are for credit cards, not sissy boys.


Sissy Panties, Cock Cages, Cum Eating and Big Black Cocks, Oh My

sissy pantiesCami loves sissy panties, cock cages, cum eating and big black cocks. What about you? I am the perfect sissy trainer for Cami because I am found of big black cocks too. Cami is now pussy free for life with her pathetic little clitty caged up permanently. Cami is wise beyond her years. She came to accept a long time ago that she is not much of a man and could never compete with black men. Sadly, there are still so many loser white boys out there who have yet to come to the understanding that black cocks are superior cocks. I have long known this. She embraces the Black New World Order movement, as do I as a BBC sissy trainer.

bbc sissy trainerWhite boys should learn from Cami. I mean since white boys cannot compete with black men in the bedroom, they should just submit and accept their positions as beta bitches for black men. I am training sissy boys just like Cami to be prepared for the Black New World Order. Wake up losers. Women do not want little white nubs. Maybe at one point in time we did not know any better, but now that we know all about black cock superiority, why would we ever settle for average white dick or worthless tiny white nubs?

best sissy trainerCami is pussy free and locked up for life. She embraces her new role as a BBC sissy faggot. She is there to drain black balls and take big black cocks in all her sissy holes. And I am here to guide her along the way. I can help sissies look the part of a sissy faggot. I can help them with self-affirmations like I am pussy free for life and her to service superior black cocks only. I can get a sissy all the practice on those superior BBCS she can handle because the best sissy trainer for BBC faggot sissies always has a posse of big black cocks around to help train the next generation of BNWO sissies. Be like Cami boys. Cage that worthless dick, put on your sissy outfits and get ready to submit to those superior big black cocks.

I love my little fem boys!

best sissy trainer

I love it when sweet little innocent boys come up to me wanting to take my training class. First I’ll give them an enema and then once they are cleared out I will bath them and make them smell like a cute little princess! Then comes the fun part I  cage their little cocks and dress them up in lacey panties I love pink for my little sissy slaves and they have to wear stockings like proper whores. I go to my closet and pick out the most adorable dress and matching teddy bear and make them pose for pictures to send to their family and coworkers so everyone can make fun of them! if my little sissy whore doesnt obey me I either tighten their cock cage or I beat them until they submit! After they get laughed at by the whole city I take them do to the basement which is filled with big huge cocks to stetch his little sissy pussy open. It’s going to be a sticky long night for this little slave. how long can you last?