I love my little fem boys!

best sissy trainer

I love it when sweet little innocent boys come up to me wanting to take my training class. First I’ll give them an enema and then once they are cleared out I will bath them and make them smell like a cute little princess! Then comes the fun part I  cage their little cocks and dress them up in lacey panties I love pink for my little sissy slaves and they have to wear stockings like proper whores. I go to my closet and pick out the most adorable dress and matching teddy bear and make them pose for pictures to send to their family and coworkers so everyone can make fun of them! if my little sissy whore doesnt obey me I either tighten their cock cage or I beat them until they submit! After they get laughed at by the whole city I take them do to the basement which is filled with big huge cocks to stetch his little sissy pussy open. It’s going to be a sticky long night for this little slave. how long can you last?

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