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Want To Be My Little Pet Like Brandie?

Mistress Phone Sex

As you know I have a soft spot for my sweet sissy Brandie. I remember picking out her first tiny little cock cage. Her teeny little clitty being so small we struggled to find one small enough. I also loved hearing her fuck her man pussy with a big thick dildo for the first time too. She is an absolute joy and is now an absolute cum slut and cock whore. I love it. She was telling me one of her latest adventures and it is just too good to not share with you.
Luckily for Brandie she not only has me, but she has a lady that also uses Brandie for the little sissy that she is. So recently Brandie was cleaning this lady’s house while the lady was getting her pretty pussy fucked by a real man. They were on the living room floor right in front of Brandie. Brandie’s little clitty was leaking as she listened. When he finally filled the ladies’ pussy up with his warm yummy goodness, she had Brandie crawl over and lick her cum filled pussy clean. As Brandie was cleaning up her pussy and beautiful asshole, she felt it….
Without any warning the real man had shoved his massive beautiful cock deep inside of Brandie’s man pussy. As Brandie was being used like a slut and eating that beautiful pussy, she started to moan, and she couldn’t control it. She came multiple times while they were laughing at her and calling her a whore.
“One of my best nights” is how Brandie described it. My little cum loving sissy slut sure makes me proud.
And you too can be one of my little pets, just pick up that phone and give Mistress Francis a call.

Come Here Sissy

mistress phone sex

Come here sissy and let Mistress Francis take good care of you. I don’t have to tell you that you are a sissy, but I must train you on how to become the best most obedient sissy there is. Now let me get a look at what we have to work with. Hmmmm……. Here let me hand you these pretty pink nylon panties complete with a hole where your man pussy is. Now turn around. Those look lovely. Bend over. Look at your man pussy. I like how inviting it is. Come here and let me ram this big thick dildo inside. Aww look at that smile on your face and little wet spot on the front of your panties. Now, fuck your self with it. Look at me as you fuck that dildo baby. I want to see your little sissy face as you bounce on that big beast. You sure can take it deep sissy, bet you wished it were the real thing, don’t you? Well sissy for now your man pussy is mine and mine only to do with as I please. Now you keep on hopping up and down until I decide you are through. I think you are going to be fun to train love.

Pleasure Me Sissy

mistress phone sex

What would you do to get to run your tongue across Mistress Francis’ nipples or smooth slit? I can see you thinking about it right now – the teeny tiny bulge in your pretty nylon panties is telling me. You know that your little cock can’t please me, but your tongue can pleasure me for now. Let me sit down on the couch and spread my legs for you sissy. Crawl over here on your knees and bury your tongue between my legs. Use your tongue and run it up and down my pussy lips tapping my clit with each lick. That is it sissy, you are doing so good. Now let me grab your head and smash your face against me. Now lick sissy and don’t stop until my pussy juices run down your chin. Oh sissy, how good of you to please your mistress like you do. Now stand up in front of me so I can see you. Aww look at that tiny little wet spot forming in your panties. Now pull your panties down, grab that tiny dick and start jerking for me. Aww look at that tiny thing. Oh, sissy you amuse me so. Now let’s see your orgasm face, there you go. Now pull those panties back up and enjoy that warm cream between your legs.

Punishment for Brandie

mistress phone sexMy sweet little cock whore Brandie has done a bad thing. It seems that the infatuation of that big thick fat dildo and shemale porn always gets the best. The latex corset bodysuit is just too much. Even that cock cage can’t keep that sissy in check. The scissoring with her fellow sissy causes great joy now. The taste of cum is a treat. So how do you punish such a slut? Hmmmm…… I know how much the dildo inside her man pussy delights her so that is off the table and she isn’t worthy of the real thing, so I had to be creative in putting this sissy back in her place. I decided that a weekend away from everything would bring her pain and me such joy. I started by dressing her in loose fitting clothes, even pulling out a pair of old boxers to cover that cage and man pussy. If there is something that a whore can’t stand it is to be tamed. Now I like Brandie wild and this would only be temporary as she also brings me many laughs watching her ride that dildo on the wall. But this weekend dressed in loose clothing I will remove everything remotely exciting. She will watch completely vanilla tv shows with me and there will be no sexual stimulation at all. No dildos, no cum, no porn, no breast plate and no pretty girl things. I will be stern and if that little whore can get through the weekend, I have a brand new even larger dildo I will be letting her fuck. Do you need to be punished too baby?

Get Him Hard For Me Sissy

Mistress Phone SexHey there you sissy boy. Have I got a treat for you? So, put on your sissy panties with the hole in the bottom I laid out for you and meet me in my room. Don’t forget that pretty pink lip gloss. Oh honey, you look adorable. Now come over here and get this cock hard for Mistress Francis. I want to see those pretty pink lips wrapped around that big head. Don’t forget about his balls. They need attention to you know. That is right you little cock whore, make sure you leave pink rings around that big cock. Now that you have got him hard you can step away and watch me finish him off. I see you looking as I lick that cum with my tongue. Just look how it strings from the head to the bottom of my lips. Oh, my look at that little wet spot on your panties. This makes you so excited doesn’t it? But don’t you dare touch that little clitty of yours without my permission. Now baby go grab your suction dildo and put it on the floor. Yes, just like that. Now I am going to climb up on top of this warm, thick, long, hard cock and ride it while you fuck that dildo with your man pussy. Keep looking at me sissy, I love that cute little face you make when you cream your panties. Aww that didn’t take you long. Now come here and clean his cock for him and then I will let you suck his cum from my beautiful juicy pussy.

He Made Me Submit


mistress phone sex

Oh my, you will need to sit down for this story. You know I am a Mistress that takes men and owns them. Making them my slaves to do with what I please. Make them service all of my needs. I am ruthless and proud as I put them in sissy panties and have them lick my juicy wet pussy until I orgasm all over their faces. Of course, I must also train them on the ways of pleasing a cock. I teach them to suck and fuck until they are my little masters. Now listen I had one of my favorites over for some training. He is awesome and has a gigantic cock between his legs, so I was super excited about this one. I started by having him undress me and lay me on the bed. He started licking my cunt and it was the most fabulous thing I have ever felt with a tongue. I immediately wanted more and moved his hips up to my mouth so I could suck on his cock while he continued to eat Mistress Francis’ pussy. His cock was so big and thick, and the mushroom head even had me stretching my mouth to take it all in. As I was enjoying his dick and his tongue, he casually moved me onto all fours and stuck his thick cock deep inside my ass. He filled it completely and I could feel my ass stretching, but it felt so good I couldn’t even discipline him. I mean he had done this without even asking. But I did nothing. Not even when he pushed my face to the bed and continued pumping my ass. I just let him have full control. That big thick cock on that handsome man took this Mistress and made her his little puppet as I submitted to his every desire.

A New Toy For Brandie

Mistress Phone Sex


My sweet sissy Brandie was on her way over to worship Mistress Francis as she often does. I had heard she had been using her wand often and I just couldn’t wait to see her in action. I was surprising her with a new longer and thicker wall dildo. I always have the best time watching her as it fucks her little man pussy. This time I had also laid out her favorite wand so I could have double the fun watching her. Her little clitty is worthless and caged in what might possibly the smallest cage ever made but when it starts leaking, I just can’t help but laugh. I also had another special treat for Brandie. I had invited Stacy over to play with us. Stacy loves to keep Brandie in line and also loves to humiliate her. So, Brandie walked in and we told her we were all going to have a great time. I had Stacy help get her dressed. Brandie came out wearing crotchless panties, a pink teddy, pink lip gloss, a breast plate and some heels. She looked absolutely adorable as she stood in front of us. I walked her over to the back wall and showed her the new wall dildo we had for her. I swear her little clitty started leaking right then and there. Me and Stacy just laughed as we pointed toward the wall. Brandie couldn’t get there fast enough. We laughed and laughed at her as that dildo fucked her man pussy. When Stacy handed her the wand Brandie lost her shit and fucked that dildo harder than I have ever seen anything fuck before. It was absolutely the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

He Had To Be Punished

Mistress Phone Sex


So, my boss today made the mistake of correcting me in front of the office. He knows better than that as I am his mistress. He knew he had fucked up and immediately hung his head, but it was too late. He knew he would be punished. As soon as I got back to my desk, I sent him an email to meet at my house at 6pm and to be prompt. The bell rang and he took his required position of kneeling in front of my door. I left him like that for thirty minutes before letting him in. He tried to speak but I shushed him quickly. I instructed him to put on the outfit I had left in the bathroom and to crawl to me. He did as told and crawled to my feet. I motioned him to rise and turn. I then admired his pink silky panties, knee highs and Mary Janes. I put him over my knee and started spanking him, over and over again until his little sissy ass was bright pink, and tears ran down his face. I then pulled down his panties and rammed a big jeweled butt plug in his ass. He puckered as I pushed it in further. I told him he would be wearing those panties and the butt plug tomorrow. He lifted his eyes in compliance as I pushed the remote and the butt plug started vibrating. I think tomorrow will be a fun day. Don’t think he will be sassing me anytime soon.

I See A Wet Spot In Your Panties

Mistress Phone Sex

Oh, honey is that you fucking your man pussy with that big black dildo. It is on video so you cannot really argue now can you. Look at how you have attached it to the wall and keep ramming it into your man pussy. Now sit back and let us watch. I see it makes your clitty a little hard to doesn’t it? You look like you are getting a wet spot in your panties. Oh my, I think you just came in your panties, didn’t you? Come here baby let us get you changed for our outing. I have laid out a pretty pair of pink panties and silky little cami for you to put on under your clothes. Oh, you look so pretty, how does that feel against your little clitty? I made sure they were so soft so they would rub up against you. Now we are going to go to a party baby. It is with all of Mistress Francis’ friends and you my sweet slutty cum slut sissy are going to be there entertainment. Doesn’t that sound fun? You will not believe how they used my sweet whore sissy; I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

Punishing Sissy At The Adult Bookstore

Mistress Phone SexOh no Sissy. Tell me it is not true? Did I really just see you playing with your little clitty while you watched shemale porn? Do not try to lie, I can tell by the way you are blubbering and the little wet spot in your sissy panties. Oh honey. You know you must ask to play with that little thing, don’t you? So, come here and let me give you your punishment. Bend over my knee and pull down your pretty satin pink panties so I can see your bare bottom. Now Mistress Francis is going to spank you. You must thank me after each smack. I will be giving you ten. Here we go. One… Oh my Sissy I can feel your clitty getting hard against my leg. You like those spankings don’t you. Hmmmm… I guess we will have to try something else. I have laid out a pretty dress and new panties on the bed. Go put those on, put on your Mary Janes and come back to me. Oh you look so pretty. Now give me your hand and let us go down to the bookstore. I would put you on the glory hole but your little clitty is to small to fit. So, I think I will back your sweet man pussy up to the hole and let them pound it. Do not smile sissy, I will be putting you in a cock cage with little sharp needles in it, just to make sure you do not enjoy yourself. Are you a naughty sissy who needs some training too? Just puck up the phone and let Mistress Francis put you in your place.