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There You Are

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Oh, there you are. My little obedient sissy boy. I had a wonderful night last night and I think you are going to want to get close and personal with my remnants. That’s right, look at your smile, I didn’t even have to tell you what was happening, you already know. Lifting my dress so you can see my perfect ass. Now prepare yourself sissy, you know I require you to dress love.

Put on your pink satin panties, chest plate, matching bra, thigh highs and heels and crawl to me. Don’t forget your lipstick, I love that shiny sparkly kind. Now get on your knees and spread my ass cheeks. You can already smell it can’t you? As you pull them apart further you can see the shiny wet cum filling my tight asshole. You stick your tongue inside and taste that salty goodness. Your lips leaving shiny marks on my tight asshole. You dig your fingers inside to get every last drop, lapping it up like an obedient dog. You finish and pull my dress down and I notice your pink panties wet from your little clitty getting excited. That is my sweet girl, what should we do next babe?

Sissy Shopping

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Aww baby I see you staring at my nice set of tits with total jealousy. You envy mine and want your own. In due time love but first we must sissify you. I took you to the spa for a total wax. Removing all of your hair. Your little clitty is smooth and so is your tight little man pussy. You cringed as they pulled the wax off, I secretly enjoyed it. Next was a mani/pedi because no sissy of mine will have unkept hands and feet. We even put on a perfect pussy shade of pink on them. Next, we went to the beautiful pink bag store that makes your clitty leak as we walk in.

We picked out panties and matching bras and even a few pair of thigh highs. Then I saw a hot slutty black lingerie number on a mannequin. My eyes lit and I smiled as I grabbed one for you. Into the dressing room we went. You tried to argue and that led to punishment. A click of my remote and your buttplug was whirling away, high speed. Your clitty was trying to grow but the cage captured it. Your face red, your wobbly legs and watery eyes made me laugh. I walked you into the dressing room to change. With your buttplug still vibrating I made you walk out and look in the mirror. Everyone stared and whispered about you. It was fabulous. I think you need a shopping trip too, don’t you sissy?

Eat My Ass

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Look at you sissy. Walking in with your head hanging down. You look guilty. Don’t lie to me, I know what you did. You see I know everything. You can’t hide anything from me. You were watching your hot shemale porn on your phone weren’t you. Rubbing your little clitty and pushing your buttplug in deeper? You are forever my disobedient slut, but you must pay and be punished for your indiscretions. So today, you will be my femboy maid.

Come to me and eat my ass, I want you to dig deep inside and clean all that cum from last night out. I have a special visitor coming soon and I don’t want to be full of cum. Spread my cheeks and burry your face baby. Stick your fingers inside. Oh, that feels good love. Now sit there beside the bed on your knees. I see you have a wet spot in your panties. You are going to have an even bigger wet spot in a minute. But you know the rules. No playing with your clitty while Mistress Francis has fun. Oh, look baby, walking through the door. A magnificent hot beautiful shemale. All for me. Now sit and enjoy the show love.

She Is So Obedient

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I had the most perfect sissy call the other day. So obedient and so submissive. Willing to do anything and everything with just my command. Allowing me to dress her anyway I see fit. Never offering her opinion for anything. Understand that she is to please me without question. Dressing in frilly sissy skirts and hot sexy heels and stockings. A big thick butt plug pushed deep inside her pussy. Her little clitty contained with the smallest of cages. Teasing and tormenting her with her favorite shemale porn. Watching the grimace on her face as the cage prongs stick to her swelling clitty. Trying to contain her excitement but failing. Small droplets of precum leak and I laugh. That will get you punished you faggot. She calmly walks over and bends over my knee, pulling her panties down and exposing the jeweled butt plug. I am not even going to remove it for the punishment. I admire her pale white cheeks knowing they will soon be a crimson red. I start the paddling. One cheek, then the next cheek. Back and forth over and over. She never asks me to stop. Her ass is bright red with white patches. Her clitty is swollen and painful as I reach my hand back for the final blow.

Stacy Goes Shopping

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I just must tell you about my little sissy Bob… I mean Stacy. Stacy is in the early stages of training and doing nicely. We have already had her body waxed so it is nice and smooth. Stacy cried like a little bitch the entire time though and it was pathetic. With every pull of the wax Stacy whined and I loved it. Anyways, now that my little sissy slut is all nice and smooth it was time for some panty shopping. I took her to the mall and went into Victoria Secret. Stacy’s eyes lit up with excitement until I told her we would be trying the panties on.

Embarrassed but knowing what happens if she disobeys me, she went into the dressing room. I told her to put them on and step out so I can see. Of course, the mall was packed and reluctantly Stacy stepped out in those pretty panties. She looked marvelously smooth, but I could see her little clitty was sticking out too. I laughed as the rest of the customers stared and whispering. One girl even took pictures. I was loving that Stacy’s face was turning so red and her clitty was leaking into the panties. A few minutes of humiliation went by, and I allowed her to go change. Now off to the dress store.

Bend Over Sissy

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Aww look at you coming down from your bath. I have laid out your clothes for the day as we have an incredibly special time planned love. Your eyes brighten as you see a new pair of pink nylon panties and matching bra on the bed. You practically dance with excitement seeing your thick pink jeweled butt plug. Hurriedly you grab the fish net thigh highs and put them on, then your panties and bra and finally your short black slutty dress. You slip on your heels and come to me. You hand me the butt plug, bow your head, and say please.

I bend you over, pull down your panties. Your pussy is already pulsating and gaping with excitement. I smack your ass one time just for fun and then ram the butt plug deep inside. It is the special one, the one with the remote. The one that I have complete control of. I know you want me to push it, but I make you wait. I grab your cock cage. The extra small one and push your little clitty inside. The prongs touching your skin, just waiting to restrain you. I see you leaking and laugh. You really are my slut babe I tell you as I kiss you on the cheek. Now let’s get in the car, you are the star of my afternoon Mistresses’ club, to be used and abused. You just smile as I turn on the remote.

Time For Your Debut

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Get ready sissy, we are going out tonight. I want you to look perfect, it is your debut. We have been training and working so hard and after many frustrating hours with you it is time. Put on your fishnet thigh highs and heels, short plaid skirt with your crotchless black panties, your chest plate and cut off tank top. You look perfect but you need a little touch up. Bend over and pull your panties down. I reach in the bag and grab a red jeweled butt plug. Lick it sissy. Now that you have lubed it, I will shove it up your pussy. Oh wow, your little whore pussy practically sucked it in. You really are a slut babe.

Now let me fix your wig and give you some lip gloss. Stand back. Perfect. Now let’s go, the driver is here. We get out at the club, and everyone is waiting for you. Music is playing loud, and lights are strobing, and I smile as your eyes brighten at the sight of the glory hole. You see the cocks sticking through the holes just waiting to be sucked. Your mouth is practically drooling. Not yet babe, I have plans for your first. I lead you to a room filled with men stroking their cocks. In the center is a fuck bench just for you. You look scared but also excited. I pull your butt plug out and attach your cock cage to your clitty and you climb on just like the slut I know you are. You want to be the party favor tonight babe?

Your First Appointment

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You called to set up an appointment, your first you said. Interested in a Mistress to train you. I like my newbie’s; they are fun and come to me not knowing what will happen to them. You walked in wearing a pair of khakis and a button down and loafers. A businessman I could already tell. Sometimes having all that power makes you yearn for complete domination in your deep dark private life. I knew this was going to be fun.

You still had a little authoritative attitude, and I was going to quickly squash that. You sat down and I told you to stand. Now that you are in my training you will not do anything without my permission first. Puzzled you were but you complied and asked. I told you no. I told you to follow me. For your first training we will be fitting you with a pair of panties and a small but mighty butt plug.

You quickly said no. I told you never to tell me know. As you stood, I unbuckled your pants and removed them. Took off your boxers and pulled out a pretty pink pair of panties. Your cock started flinching as I pulled them up. Now baby, bend over. You bent over the couch as I grabbed the lube. I pulled your panties down and pushed the tube up your tight little asshole. You shook, but not in terror, your little cock was overly excited. I took the butt plug and as I started pushing it in your asshole you clinched and let out a moan and exploded. What do you think I should make him do with his mess?

Let Me Dress You

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Aww look at you. Sitting in your bed in your wife’s panties watching hot shemale porn and stroking you cock. You say you aren’t a sissy faggot, but I say otherwise. I mean seriously. Who are you truly trying to fool? I have a perfect idea for you. I am going to train your pansy ass. Stand up, take off your wife’s panties and get your sorry ass over here. Now let me look in my closet for the perfect outfit for you.

Here. A pair of black fishnet thigh highs, a nylon lace black thong, a garter belt, and a black lace corset. Now don’t forget the stripper boots. Oh, my don’t you look nice. You like the feel of those panties on your cock and balls? I think you do. The little carrot is growing along with the wet spot on your panties. Turn around and let me check out your ass. It is so pale against your panties. I think you need a little color. Bend over and touch your toes. I pull out my paddle and paddle your ass to a nice shade of pink. That looks better already. Oh my, that wet spot is huge now. What to do with you next…

Time To Turn Tricks

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Oh, what a lovely job my sweet sissy has been doing lately. We have been training hard and she is wonderful. Her sweet little clitty has adjusted perfectly to her little cock cage and her sweet pussy is always puckered and ready for whichever butt plug I pick out. She has been my cock sucking, cum sucking queen. So as a reward I told her to pick out the sluttiest outfit she could find because we were going out to have some fun.

She never disappoints. She came running from the changing room and twirled with excitement. The bitch was fine. She had on black fishnet thigh highs, stripper boots, crotchless black panties and matching bra and a short black skirt and crop top. I applied some hot glittery pink lip gloss, smacked her ass and off we went. She had no clue where we were headed.

I stopped the car and parked and told her to get out. She looked confused but I kissed her cheek and told her tonight she would be my whore and I would be pimping her sweet tight ass and pretty glossy mouth out to all the perverts. She practically jumped for joy as I stuck my hand under her skirt and felt her little clitty leaking. I laughed as the perverted men started pulling up. I held my hand out and took the cash, smacked her ass, and told her to make sure they had a good time. Should I trick you out too baby?