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I See Your Pink Panties Under Your Pants

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You come at me acting cocky and masculine, but I know that you secretly have on a paid of pretty pink nylon panties under that business suit. How do I know you ask? I happened to see you undo your pants to fix your shirt. So, this day had just turned in to a whole lot of fun for me. Humiliation is on the agenda today; it is the ONLY thing on the agenda.

You call me into your office to take some notes. You as your schedule. I tell you I have cleared it for the day. You seem puzzled as I rise and lean over your desk, inches from your face and tell you I know your little secret and today you will be my servant. Still confused you look, and I pull the blinds and lock your office door. I open my briefcase on your desk and pull out a paddle. I tell you to rise and come to me. You start to backtalk, and I whisper how I like your pink panties. You turn red and say nothing as you walk towards me. I unbuckle your pants and let them fall to your ankles. Now bend over. Your pink panty covered ass high in the air as you do as I say. I laugh as I raise the paddle. I think you might need some humiliation too baby, I will be waiting.

I Love Humiliating You

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Look at you reading my blogs and thinking about being trained by me. The thought of pretty nylon panties being laid out for you and a pretty shiny butt plug makes your little clitty perk up, doesn’t it? You want it but you are still leery. Don’t fret, I know you are a sissy faggot in need. Come to me, I have big plans for you. I hand you some pink panties to put on and I can see the little wet spot in your panties that you love how they feel against you. I smack your ass and tell you not to get too comfortable. This is for me, not you. You belong to me. I tell you to bend over and spread your legs. I pull your panties down and pull out your new jewel butt plug. I put it to your face and tell you to open your mouth. Now suck on it baby. We want it good and lubed before I shove it inside your tight pussy hole. You leak even more as your tongue swirls round and round. I pull it out and push it against your tight asshole. You start to moan as I push it slowly inside of you.

Your Humiliation Excites Me

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It was our first session, and I could tell he was a little nervous. No worries I told him, relax and let Mistress Francis take care of you. He has already done all his pre-requisites. Waxing and weaving and nails and toes painted. He walked in and I told him to undress. He stood in front of me, and I began the transformation from John to sissy faggot Jackie. As she stood in front of me, I laughed. The little clitty between Jackie’s legs was so small I didn’t even know if I would need any tuck tape. I continually laughed and humiliated Jackie about the size as I gathered some hot black lace thongs and matching bra. As I went back towards her, I stopped in amazement. Little clitty Jackie was leaking. Damn… what a pathetic little sissy I was dealing with. I didn’t even let her clean up as I had her put the panties on. After putting on the chest plate I handed her the bra. I pulled out some black fishnet thigh highs and a slutty black short dress and stripper heels. I put on her makeup and in front of me stood my creation. Not bad but definitely pathetic. Smile Jackie, I told her as I grabbed her hand and put her in the car. We drove to the adult bookstore…. Want to hear what I made her do there?

Ready For The Adult Bookstore?

The pandemic is lifting a little and my slutty sissies are begging to play. Time for a trip to the adult bookstore. I am going to dress you to impress. You are already waxed and plucked and tucked so let’s see what I have in store for you. How about a pair of black fishnet thigh highs and matching patent leather black heels? A short plaid skit and a white cropped button down. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a black lace thong and matching bra now would it. Opps… don’t want to forget about the pretty black jeweled butt plug either. Let me apply some red lipstick and spray some perfume on your erogenous zones. Let me see you sissy. You look marvelously fuckable. It is time. I drive you to the bookstore and as we go in, I can see the excitement in your eyes as you drool over the glory hole. Not yet I tell you. I want everyone to see you first. A quick trip around so you can strut your stuff and I can make eye contact on my potential buyers. I mean after all, what is a good slut if I can’t pimp you out.

A Day At The Pool

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We went shopping for some hot sexy swimwear the other day along with some other hot summer sissy items. I handed her the bag and told her I would see her pansy ass at my pool at noon on Wednesday and not to disappoint me or there would be repercussions. In the bag was a thong bikini, a thick sparkly butt plug, hooker heels and a coupon for a complete wax. I wasn’t sure if she would show but sure enough at 5 until noon she walked through the gate. Slutty and confident in her hooker heels she walked over to me. I smiled and told her to bend over. I put my hand on her ass and pushed my hand between her ass cheeks. As instructed that butt plug was inserted nice and firm. I smiled at her and told her to sit beside me. I had her strut her hot ass self through out the day and then I told her I had a surprise waiting at home. We walked into my door and standing by my bedroom were two tall thick men. She smiled as I told her to get them ready for me. Like a slut she walked over, got on her knees and blew them rock-hard.

It Is The Cage For You

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Well look at your sorry ass stroking your little bitty worm to shemale porn. You didn’t think I would catch you did you. You thought after I put you in your sexy little nighty and tucked you in bed that I wouldn’t be coming back. Well think again sissy. I know you and I know your weakness. Tits and cock. Most of us like tits and cock, but the only difference is that you need my permission, which you just so happened to not ask. You bypassed me and pulled out your phone and turned it on. I see your clitty so hard and your cummies all over your hand. I yank your phone away but that seems to only excite you more. Hmmmm……what to do with a little femboy who is disobedient. I have a perfect idea. I leave the room and come back with a little box. I tell you to get your dirty cummies stained panties off and stand in front of me. Your micro penis is still excited, surely you don’t think I have any use for it. I laugh as it twitches when I put it in my hand. I open the box and pull out the cage. A tiny little cage with sharp spikes in it. I snap it shut and put the key on a necklace around my neck. There now sit and watch some porn for a while you little bitch boy.

Look At Your Little Button Dick

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The hesitation in his voice was delightful. I had only asked if he was packing a baby carrot or a little button. Speak up you faggot sissy boy. Let me hear you. Still, he stammered in his words, unable to vocalize exactly what we had going on. Frustrated with his inability to answer I decided to take things into my own hands. I grabbed his dainty wrists and stood him in front of me. I sighed as I started unbuckling his pants. As I pulled them down, I had to laugh. Not only was he wearing a pair of pink nylon panties, but they were wet and smelled of cummies droplets. Geez… what am I going to do with you I asked. He still was unable to communicate intelligently. I pulled his panties down and he whimpered like a scared dog. There beneath his cummies mess was a teeny tiny little button dick. I wasn’t about to get involved in that mess so I told him to dig his hands inside of that mess and clear a path so I can see his clittie. Upon inspection I couldn’t believe such a small thing could make such a big mess. Clean yourself faggot boy and then we will begin. No don’t grab that towel. I want you to use your fingers and lick it all up, then we will start our training.

Kayla Was Bad

mistress phone sexI got a call from Kayla the other day. You remember Kayla, right? My sweet sissy that had just increased the size of her butt plug and had sent me pictures of it, along with pictures of her in panties and a dress. She was doing so great, and I was so proud. And then nothing. It was as if she had vanished, but I knew what had happened. She had slipped. She called knowing I was not going to be pleased. Knowing she would need to be punished. She apologized over and over again, and I do have a soft spot for her, but I couldn’t let this go without repercussions. So, we talked, and I told her she was to push her butt plug inside her pussy, put on a pair of panties and a dress and then go run errands. She was to go through drive thru’s so that people could see her dressed as a little sissy girl. She complied and did just that, even calling me and letting me know how good the butt plug felt and how people were looking at her in her car. I secretly thing she might have liked it. So now we are back on track with our training I let her push her big thick dildo onto the wall and fuck it so I can hear her. I bet you need some training too, don’t you?

A Hot Shemale For Tammie

mistress phone sexMy sweet little Tammie has been such a good girl lately. Doing everything that was asked of her. She had been our little cum whore at my last penis party and even licked up my creampie pussy without even being asked. She stayed on her little knees and sucked every man and shemale that came to her so that they were nice and hard and ready to go. She politely lifted her sweet ass and let them take turns ramming their dicks or dildos deep inside her. She cleaned everyone up too, leaving not a drop. So, to show her how wonderful I though she had been I got her a special present. Laid on the bed was the prettiest pink dress and matching garters, a pair of silky hose, black heels, toe rings and a beautiful new cock cage. Her eyes lit up when she saw them, and I told her to put them all on. I had her twirl round and round as she showed her new outfit off. Finally, I told her to lay down on the bed because her best present was yet to come. I could see the liquid dripping from her sweet cock cage from excitement as Sandy, the biggest, blackest, most beautiful shemale entered the room. I handed Sandy the key and told her that Tammie was ready to play as I winked at her and closed the door.

Let Me Push It In For You

Today was a fun day. I had picked out the sexiest pair of black thongs and matching lace bra for my favorite sissy. He is a muscular good-looking guy who I have taken great pride in breaking. He came in wearing some tight jeans and tight white t-shirt. Showing off his muscles and well-defined ass. I laughed as he came in asking if I thought he looked good. No, I do not, now get undressed and meet me in my room love. He came in and, on the bed, I had those black thongs and the lace bra. He smiled as I handed them to him. As he went to put on the panties, I stopped him. Not yet I told him as I reached under my bed and handed him a gift bag. He opened it and pulled out a big thick jeweled butt plug and a cock cage to match. He tried to tell me no but that just got him a paddling. Over my knee he went and out came my wooden spoon. I spanked him until his ass was nice and red. Then I spit on the butt plug and made him stick it up his tiny little tight pussy. He was going slow, so I put my hand over his and rammed it all the way in. He jumped as if in pain but the little droplets on his clitty told another story. I pulled him in front of me and caged him. Now put on your panties and bra and then put your clothes over them. The outline of his black bra showed through his white shirt nicely. Now it is time to head to the mall baby, let’s go.