She Is So Obedient

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I had the most perfect sissy call the other day. So obedient and so submissive. Willing to do anything and everything with just my command. Allowing me to dress her anyway I see fit. Never offering her opinion for anything. Understand that she is to please me without question. Dressing in frilly sissy skirts and hot sexy heels and stockings. A big thick butt plug pushed deep inside her pussy. Her little clitty contained with the smallest of cages. Teasing and tormenting her with her favorite shemale porn. Watching the grimace on her face as the cage prongs stick to her swelling clitty. Trying to contain her excitement but failing. Small droplets of precum leak and I laugh. That will get you punished you faggot. She calmly walks over and bends over my knee, pulling her panties down and exposing the jeweled butt plug. I am not even going to remove it for the punishment. I admire her pale white cheeks knowing they will soon be a crimson red. I start the paddling. One cheek, then the next cheek. Back and forth over and over. She never asks me to stop. Her ass is bright red with white patches. Her clitty is swollen and painful as I reach my hand back for the final blow.

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