Time For Your Debut

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Get ready sissy, we are going out tonight. I want you to look perfect, it is your debut. We have been training and working so hard and after many frustrating hours with you it is time. Put on your fishnet thigh highs and heels, short plaid skirt with your crotchless black panties, your chest plate and cut off tank top. You look perfect but you need a little touch up. Bend over and pull your panties down. I reach in the bag and grab a red jeweled butt plug. Lick it sissy. Now that you have lubed it, I will shove it up your pussy. Oh wow, your little whore pussy practically sucked it in. You really are a slut babe.

Now let me fix your wig and give you some lip gloss. Stand back. Perfect. Now let’s go, the driver is here. We get out at the club, and everyone is waiting for you. Music is playing loud, and lights are strobing, and I smile as your eyes brighten at the sight of the glory hole. You see the cocks sticking through the holes just waiting to be sucked. Your mouth is practically drooling. Not yet babe, I have plans for your first. I lead you to a room filled with men stroking their cocks. In the center is a fuck bench just for you. You look scared but also excited. I pull your butt plug out and attach your cock cage to your clitty and you climb on just like the slut I know you are. You want to be the party favor tonight babe?

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    DRess me and take me out Mistress

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