There You Are

mistress phone sex

Oh, there you are. My little obedient sissy boy. I had a wonderful night last night and I think you are going to want to get close and personal with my remnants. That’s right, look at your smile, I didn’t even have to tell you what was happening, you already know. Lifting my dress so you can see my perfect ass. Now prepare yourself sissy, you know I require you to dress love.

Put on your pink satin panties, chest plate, matching bra, thigh highs and heels and crawl to me. Don’t forget your lipstick, I love that shiny sparkly kind. Now get on your knees and spread my ass cheeks. You can already smell it can’t you? As you pull them apart further you can see the shiny wet cum filling my tight asshole. You stick your tongue inside and taste that salty goodness. Your lips leaving shiny marks on my tight asshole. You dig your fingers inside to get every last drop, lapping it up like an obedient dog. You finish and pull my dress down and I notice your pink panties wet from your little clitty getting excited. That is my sweet girl, what should we do next babe?

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