Bend Over Sissy

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Aww look at you coming down from your bath. I have laid out your clothes for the day as we have an incredibly special time planned love. Your eyes brighten as you see a new pair of pink nylon panties and matching bra on the bed. You practically dance with excitement seeing your thick pink jeweled butt plug. Hurriedly you grab the fish net thigh highs and put them on, then your panties and bra and finally your short black slutty dress. You slip on your heels and come to me. You hand me the butt plug, bow your head, and say please.

I bend you over, pull down your panties. Your pussy is already pulsating and gaping with excitement. I smack your ass one time just for fun and then ram the butt plug deep inside. It is the special one, the one with the remote. The one that I have complete control of. I know you want me to push it, but I make you wait. I grab your cock cage. The extra small one and push your little clitty inside. The prongs touching your skin, just waiting to restrain you. I see you leaking and laugh. You really are my slut babe I tell you as I kiss you on the cheek. Now let’s get in the car, you are the star of my afternoon Mistresses’ club, to be used and abused. You just smile as I turn on the remote.

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    • Kev on December 3, 2021 at 12:34 pm
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    I could eat that ass for days

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