Forced Sissy Training Is What You Get When You Disobey

forced sissy trainingSometimes I have a little sissy come to me that requires forced sissy training. One sissy could not keep her hands off her little clitty. She was constantly sneaking around and hiding to watch shemale porn and searching the web to view the BBC. The only thing she wanted was cock, nothing else. She was my little clean up gal because she was such a cum whore until she started disobeying. She knew she needed to ask permission to play with her clitty, watch shemale porn or look at BBC images. So, what to do with a little sissy who is obsessed with cock? I could cage her little clit, butt plug her man pussy, turn off the internet or bind her hands, but that would be too easy. I was feeling a little more punishment was due. I brought her into the back bedroom and had her undress and put on a pretty pair of black heels. I attached a blindfold to her face and handcuffed her hands together. Next, I had her lay back on the bed, and I attached a spreader bar to her ankles. Her clitty was so hard and I laughed as I lifted her blindfold and gave her a little blue pill to take. We want to keep that clitty nice and hard. She was almost panting in the excitement as she thought I was going to use her to get some dicks nice and hard for Mistress Francis. But she was in for a shock when me and all my girlfriends came into the room for some drinks and fun. What this little sissy wants least in this world is pussy. For her punishment she was going to have to fuck pussy for as long and as many times as my friends wanted her too and with that little blue pill, we could keep this going all night. That is why I am the best sissy trainer you can find.


    • Jessie on April 2, 2021 at 4:26 pm
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    I need a hot sissy trainer like you, Mistress.

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