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Sissy Panties For a Sissy Bitch

sissy panties

If you’re mad that I’m making you get down on your knees and suck cock, you’re just gonna have to put on your big girl sissy panties and fucking deal with it. It’s part of being a woman and I don’t care if you “don’t feel like it”. You’ll get down on your knees and suck it or else. I didn’t share all of my expertise with you just for you to say no to sucking dick. As a sissy slut, you don’t get to say no. I will grab the back of your head and hold you there if I have to. 

And when he’s done with that, he will bend you over and fuck your ass if that’s what he wants to do. He was slam his cock balls deep inside you and make you scream for more. Hey, you signed up to be a sissy whore and that’s what you’re going to be from now on. Maybe I will even wear a strap on cock and we can pound you from both ends. I do it anytime he wants it, so you need to learn to do it as well. Are you ready to submit and be a good little whore? Put on your most girlie panties and give me a call right now for some sissy adventures.


Door To Door Holiday Whores

Femboy Training

Door to door, I’ll shepherd my whores. This holiday season, we’re showing off the sissy bitches we keep in the castle. I want the entire kingdom to know how excellent and successful my forced sissification program is. If your husband, your sons, your brothers, are useless cucky beta bois, I have beds and fresh panties for them at the castle. I’ll teach them a lesson or two this year; for one, their place.
My sissy girls wear clit cages, panties, bralettes, stockings and garters, and elegant gowns, and heels. They wear wigs until their hair grows in, make up, and fake eyelashes. They are elegant whores, fine concubines usually only available to the Royal Family and our most esteemed guests. This year, however, I want to spread the holiday cheer.
They’ll ring the doorbells, and drop to their knees. Mouths open and tongues out, they’ll beg for the privilege of serving that lucky bloke answering the door. They’ll choke on those cocks; all of them! Big, fat, short, skinny, long, thin, dark, light, clean and dirty. They will drain the balls of the Kingdom this year, and the very thought of this extreme sissy training makes my Queenly cunt so fucking wet.

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