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Do You Need Sissy Slave Training

sissy slave training Do you need sissy slave training? Even good sissies need trained to be my slaves. George hired me to be his dominatrix. He was new to me. I had to inspect him first. I am not being a domme to some guy who could hurt me. When he stripped naked, I saw the smallest of cocks and no muscles. This guy was a whimp. I could kick him in the balls, and he would be blubbering for days. I put him in a pair of my panties because I did not want to look at that eyesore. This guy wanted a mistress. He wanted flogged and spanked, even wanted some cock and ball torture. He screamed sissy to me. I dressed him first. I am in the market for a new sissy cuckold to clean my house and fluff my big black cocks. I put him in some of my lingerie. I have a knack for dressing slaves. I can take one look at you and know what your body would rock. He Transformed in my lingerie. I could see him changing. He is submissive by nature, but he had never dressed before. He was prancing around my house like Tinkerbell. I asked him to trust me. He gave me the freedom to do what I wanted. I put a Whig on him and make-up too. A sexy shemale was born. Okay at least a sexy femboy. I called over one of my black studs. I mean he wanted punished. That is why he came to a dominatrix. My black stud gave him the punishment he craved. And I watched as my hung black lover punished his sissy hole. A few thrusts into his back door pussy and my pain slut was in heaven. He got the pain he wanted and the sissy training he did not know he wanted. We were all happy.