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Online Sissy Training Turns Married Men Into Cock Sucking Sissies

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is the next best thing to hiring a mistress. For many guys, doing anything sissy related in real time cannot happen because of a wife at home who has no clue her hubby thinks about cock. I train a variety of sissies. However, most are married men and unable to do anything outside the home. Sometimes though, wives go on vacation. And when wives are a way, sissies can suck cock.

I went to the glory hole with one of my sissies over the weekend. However, I believed him when he said he was going to the glory hole. I know when I am listening to a porn movie versus the real thing. Although I play dumb, I always know. I trained this sissy for a year with dildos and garden veggies. He considers himself a cocksucker thanks to sissy training with me. However, can a sissy really be a cock sucker if he has never swallowed a load of cum?

Not in my book. A cock sucking sissy needs the real thing. So, sissy Tammy finally made it happened. I spoke with my sissy while she drove to the glory hole about 45 minutes from her town. She found a Lion’s Den along the highway geared towards truckers. I have been in one before. Biggest sex complex I’ve ever seen. They have glory holes, a sex store, peek-a-boo shows and a little porn theater too. Largest collection of DVDs I had ever seen. And do not get me started on all the sexy toys you can get there.

I Love It When A Sissy Gets Cock for Real

Of course, I helped Sissy Tammy find the place. Sometimes, a sissy trainer needs to locate cock for her sissy if she is ever going to get her sissy off the couch. I could tell Tammy was in a car. A car gives a certain sound. I talk to many callers a day in their car because it is the only time that they can be alone. I heard her enter a store and heard the background people as she took me on her adventure.

Once Tammy was in a glory hole room, we talked proper etiquette and stuff. She knocked on the wall and a big cock popped through. Although she has sucked many dildos, this was her first real cock. And I was there listening to her be her best sissy self.  She slobbered on a few cocks, and she sounded like she did a wonderful job. She even had her sissy panties on. Last year, she purchased a few of my pretty panties. Although I had to send them to a PO Box, she wears them as often as she can.  I felt proud of Tammy sucking her first cock.

If your wife every takes a girls vacation, or goes to visit family, we should seize the moment to make you the perfect sissy too. Even though you have a wife and a family, does mean you cannot be a cock sucking, panty wearing sissy.

Earning Your Sissy Panties

I had just come back from shopping with my bestie when I caught him!

My latest sissy trainee was sneaking through my panty drawer and trying on all my silky sissy panties!

He was standing there in my best pair of lacy pink thongs, sticking his tits and ass out like a prissy little fag!

Sissy TrainingI tried not to laugh as I burst in, catching him grabbing for my matching bra!

I told him that those are my best sissy panties and they have to be earned!

I called in my friend and asked him to pull down his jeans, exposing his massive big black cock!

I told the little bitch that he could have any pair he wanted if he could suck this giant dark meat!

So he got down on his knees and held the hard cock with his thumb and index fingers as he barely licked the tip!

Clearly he had never sucked a cock before!

So I decided to give him a quick lesson, showing him how you hold the giant thick cock, wrapping your hands firmly around it, stroking it slowly and gently as you lick every yummy inch!

Then I showed him how to open real wide and push it really far down his throat as you swirl your tongue all around and suck that thick hard cock with every muscle you have!

The best part was seeing the look on the little panty thief’s face when that giant meat exploded in my mouth!

There was more than enough yummy cum to share so I swapped some with the sissy bitch as I kissed his pretty fag lips!

Now that he has tasted the cum from a big black cock, he can’t get enough!