It All Starts With Phone Domination

Phone dominatrix

What’s the point of being a phone dominatrix when I have so many sissy slaves to train and transform?  How do you think all of my big dick loving bimbos get started?  They don’t just walk up to my door and tell me they need to be taught how to take gigantic tools in their asses.  I vet all of my slinky little sluts on the phone first to make sure they have what it takes to complete my clitty caging, queenie creating training.  

If a he-bitch doesn’t have the balls to make it through a few submissive phone call sessions with me then there’s no way she’ll be able to handle the hardcore hands on stuff.  How do you think you’ll be able to cram a couple of rock hard cocks in your ass if you can’t even ream our own rim with a vibrator while you’re on the phone with me?  And no, I don’t believe you’re really doing it unless I can hear the vibrating grind of the fake fuck stick on the other end of the line as it goes in and out of your slutty sphincter.  And when you cum, I need you to shout out that Mistress K is the best sissy trainer in the world.  If you can’t handle that on the phone, you definitely won’t be able to take it in person.

Your cell is your gateway to dick taking girldom, all you have to do is call.  I’ll get you started with a few hole stretching exercises and we’ll go from there.  I promise, you don’t want to get started with the in person stuff first, learning how to be a perfect pink haired pole pleaser is a process.  Have you even swallowed any cum, yet?  How do you expect to be able to guzzle gallons of jizz from a room full of BBC’s if you haven’t choked down your first load of chunky cock chowder yet?  See what I mean?  You gotta crawl before you walk, and as you crawl, I’ll slowly stretch your asspussy out for you so you can handle a handful of man meat stuffed as far inside of you as they can go.  Just call me, Dipshit, you’ll see what I mean.


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