BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline is Proud of Her Reparations Sissy Cami

bbc sissy trainerI am a BBC sissy trainer. I have lots of BBC sissies. Sissy Cami is my reparations sissy. She is paying back the sins of slavery with her sissy holes. She has a black daddy in her life and a BBC mistress to make sure she does what she is supposed to do. I have her sworn off pussy and white cocks too. She is a Queen of Spades which means she fucks only big black cocks. I took her down to the truck stop again last night. This little weak sissy bitch was dressed up in her fishnets and high heels. She had on her collar and her tiny clitty was free from its cage for once. Not that her pathetic nub can do much. It is just that small and useless. She was hustling her ass through the truck bays sucking one big black cock after another. Sissy Cami is my pay piggie too. Not only does she pay me for femboy training, but she also earns me money hustling at the truck stop and glory holes in town. The economy is down, but big black cocks are always up and needing drained. White women have long been paying reparations with their fuck holes. That scares a lot of white boys who know that they cannot measure up. Now, my reparations sissy embraces the Black New World Order. She knows she cannot satisfy white women, so she is a willing reparation sissy. I think Cami just needs to feel like she is doing something productive in this world. And since she cannot please a woman or a man with that pathetic tiny nub, she takes big black cock in her pathetic sissy holes. Sissy training with me means you are polishing the knobs of big black cocks. Sissy Cami is a black cock sissy. She is black owned and bred. And her tiny, sissy fuck holes are open for business to pay back the sins of slavery.

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