Sissy phone me – its time we catch up

Online sissy training Lucky sissy is so sexy especially when she bends over and has her ass propped up in the air. Believe it or not but this sexy bitch is still a virgin.. Well, in the sense of she’s never actually taken a Big black cock or any cock at that deep inside her Bussy. The other night she dressed up super sexy and drove around town with her unicorn butt plug buried deep inside her pucker.. It was like the longer she gripped that plug with her tight virgin gripper the hornier she became.

While we were having Sissy phone sex, she was on Grindr messaging men trying to get them to meet her back at her hotel. Of course after seeing her super hot profile pictures her inbox was booming.. She toyed with those men and had them all worked up and eager with their cocks leaking.. Just to chicken out! Haha – She dreams of riding a big fat Latino cock reverse cowgirl and watching her little clity flop around while she pounces on his juicy hard dick.. The thought alone makes her little tiny diapered size cock cream.. She loves wrapping her pretty heart shaped lips around a hard cock and draining his balls in the back of her throat. She is quite the cocksucker!

When she was leaving the hotel room I had her walk outside in her sexy lingerie with her unicorn butt plug creeping out her backside.. LOL there was someone in the parking lot who got to witness seeing my sexy bestie in a skimpy outfit.. I am sure the moment whoever it was in that car saw her, certainly was wishing he were alone. I bet he would have swept Lucky sissy off her feet. She’s got quite the reputation and is very shy because she wouldn’t want to tarnish it. But, a sissy this sexy needs to be flaunted!

I know all you sissies out there wish you could amount to half of her appeal. Being this hot comes naturally! Dream on slut.. She doesn’t recycle clothing and toys. A hottie like her wears something once and tosses it out. She’s got it like that! I would love to be down on my knees tonguing Lucky sissy with the head of a Big black cock between our lips. Mm, working my tongue around his balls while she’s deepthroating his dick. It’s time I Pull her Sissy panties off to the side and lube up her Tight hole.. Ready to lose your virginity?

Online sissy training will do the trick ;D


    • DavidAlpha9in on January 27, 2023 at 6:40 pm
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    Wow such a sexy sissy he is! Wow! I know a few guys who’d like to be the first to deflower that fat sexy ass!

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