BBC Pleasing Works Of Art

BBC sissy trainer


I know I’m the best BBC sissy trainer around because every sissified sex session I set up looks like a fucking work of art!  My sissy sluts are so fine and fuckable that every ass-pussy posing pansy, every gaping mawed she-man model of mine look like a goddamn Norman Rockwell painting whether they’re taking on the biggest, blackest cock you’ve ever seen or just sleazing around playing with their itty bitty clitties like the slinky little cum sluts they are.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; aesthetics are everything!  The difference between a great “sistress” and all of the rest of the sissy slave trainers out there is attention to detail.  The caliber of coal black cocks a sissy’s ass will collect is in direct correlation with the degree of decor in which you dress up your dickless little dollies.  Let me explain.  If you just throw any old wig and dress on a dude and slap a coat of whore paint on his face, all anyone is going to see is a guy who really wants to get his ass reamed out unconvincingly dressed like a girl.  There’s no mystery or illusion to it.  Most men, especially dark skinned kings with discerning taste, aren’t after that kind of thing, and the ones who are not very desirable.

What do you want your slutty buttboys to do, hang out in back alleys and give handy’s to homeless guys or something?  Those he-whores of yours are a direct reflection of you and how you live your life.  Remember that.  I adorn my fashionable femboys in the prettiest manner possible so they’ll score the thickest mandingo dicks their darling holes could ever ask for.  How long do you think your slaves will keep returning to you for guidance if you just half-ass your tutelage and let their ass-gash get bashed and blasted by an inferior, white guy sized black dick?  Make them look like just another dude in drag and that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

I’m going to have to start charging all of you mother fuckers for tips like these, Mistress K doesn’t hates to give anything away for free.  Know what I hate even more, though?  Sub-par, unpretty, BBC thirsting not-thot faggots who couldn’t pass themselves off as a woman if they had pussy shaped pricks.  Disgusting.  Get your shit together.  Get some real fancy slutbag training and you’ll take some real powerful black cock.  Period.


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