Dress up For Me Sissy

sissy girl trainingI watched as you walked out of that room with that pretty little fucking outfit on that I made you wear. I loved watching you strut in those high fucking heels that make your little sissy ass bounce up and down. I made you get on your slutty fucking knees and open that little whore mouth. I watched you take every fucking inch in that sissy fucking mouth of yours. Once you got that strap on all nice and wet I made you stand up and bend over showing me those tight little fucking ass cheeks. I spread them apart and lined my big black dildo with your tight little fucking asshole and shoved it right fucking in. I pounded your little fucking asshole so fucking hard while you stroked your little clitty. I made you fill up those pretty panties with your fucking cum. I pulled out and dipped my strap on in the fucking cum coating it with your fucking juices and made you get back on your knees. I made you clean my cock all off licking every single fucking drop of cum off of that cock. 

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