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Warning! Forced Sissification is real… I aggressively fucked my femboy lover in the woods. I stretched that little sissy princess out until she squirted. I even had a nice big surprise for him. I had that submissive femboy throated by a grindr daddy. I used a branch and I turned it into a switch. Forcing that bitch to do exactly as she was told!

She always told me she wasn’t a sissy for cock but more so to actually feel like a woman. I mean what sense did that make.. I just figured she knew the moment she was fucked by a real man she would be emasculated… and her ego was getting in the way of the magic that can be done back there. So, I tricked her into joining me at a log cabin.

I tied her up in a bed harness and attached nipple clamps to her tits. I put a nice gag ring in her mouth so that whore wouldn’t be able to resist. Once I got through dressing her like a hot little slut.  Suddenly, there was a loud knock, her big surprise was at the door.. Her eyes opened up really wide.. I could tell she knew she was in big trouble.. She was squirming!

I assured her everything was okay and I was going to give her the time of her life.. I slipped a pair of blind folds over her eyes and had a big huge black cock slid into the back of her throat. After his cock was fully prepped I cupped her chin with the palm of my hand and collected all the saliva she could hack up.. I smacked it up against her sissy hole removed the gag ring and had him ease his juicy long cock up her ass…

OMG, I had never heard her moan like that before.. When I removed the blind folds she was rosy red and told me she just experienced the best orgasm she has ever had.. She looked back and noticed a tall black handsome man with his cock out… she was happy to know a nice chocolate bar popped her cherry.

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