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Sissy humiliation training

Sissy humiliation training“Don’t waste my time if you aren’t ready for the real deal. I only do the most hardcore and extreme Sissy humiliation training and it’s truly like nothing you’ll ever experience with anyone but a goddess like me.” He was eager to talk, and prove to me that this truly what he wanted, what he craved, honestly what he needed. If he insisted, who was I to deny him this experience? It starts with a shower, where I order the sissy to do what every girl must constantly keep up with shaving everything. Smooth all over, and properly cleaned to make it to our nail appointment, then shopping for makeup and lingerie, and slutty clothes of course (I would never forget some heels either.) It is so humiliating already for my sissy bitch, but this is the fun part! Silly sissy has no clue what’s coming. I’ve lined up some BBC for this sissy to try out. Rather, it will be quite forced, painful and humiliating as they will also be using him like a cum dumpster and toilet slave. It will be so fucking messy and amusing to me! Not to mention I wouldn’t dare not capture such humiliation of my sissy on video to use for later manipulation. Oh, this is just the beginning.

Which One Of These Bitches Are You

Mistress phone sex Dominating a bitch is easy most of them are submissive sluts anyway. It is not even a challenge to domme a chick bitch. That is why I lay my eyes on men. Those who want to be submissives, slaves, sissies, or sissies bitches are fairly easy to control and train. Their insignificant “man ego” still will get in the way from time to time. But whipping them with a leather belt as all four of their limbs are strapped to the hooks coming up from the floor. A good twenty to thirty minutes of whipping their worthless bodies has a good effect on their “man ego” and puts it in check real quick! But men who want to be submissive but can’t allow themselves to submit to a woman are the challenge I go for. I love my submissives, slaves, sissies, and sissies bitches and I love having them in my life to serve me completely and worshiping every inch of my body and I would never live without them in my life. However forcing a man on his knees, pounding away at his spirit into I break his will gives me a high that I can not get anywhere else.