Taboo Phone Chat with a Sissy Mom and BBC Lover

taboo phone chatI love to engage sissy boys in taboo phone chat. Taboo subjects like mommy and son, and big black cocks, rank up there as my favorite taboo subjects. Often, I can mix the two taboo subjects. And that makes my day. One of my twin sissy boys loves big black cock. The other does not mind big black dick, but I would not classify him as a black cock faggot. He likes all big cock. So, he is an equal opportunity faggot boy, LOL.

But my other boy is all about those big black dicks. And my BBC faggot son wanted me to get him a black cock to play with. However, he did not want a schoolboy. He wanted a man sized, fully-grown big black cock. I knew just the guy too. Although my son is still a schoolboy, Tyrese does not care. He fucks pussy and ass of any age. His only requirement is that they are willing to choke and gag on his BBC. My son and I are more than willing to share his big black cock.

This Sissy Mom Can Make You a BBC Faggot Too

Even though I am a phone dominatrix, I will fall to my knees quickly to worship a big black cock. Sound familiar? I bet BBC makes you weak like my son and me. My son got more than he bargained for because Tyrese has a monster cock. I measured him once and his cock turned out to be close to 13 inches. That is a lot of cock meat for two to share, let alone for one to take.

But I am a sissy mom. If I can’t turn my son into a BBC faggot, no one can. I mean I am the best sissy mom around. And, perhaps I am also the best BBC sissy trainer too. I helped my son suck Tyrese’s big black cock. He struggled. I do too. But he managed to get more than half of that cock in his mouth. Although he got less in his boy pussy, he still showed up most of my sissy clients. He showed no fear when tackling that big black cock. Think you can be a good BBC sissy faggot like my son?

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