Domination Phone Sex

Ever have one of those weeks that you just want your weekend to be filled with debauchery? I am in the mood to jump on the first cock I see. I’m in the mood to go bring you to my exes and pull your cock out and start devouring it like it’s my next meal. L

Loser called me a psycho-ass bitch when we broke up and we’ll, duh. If it took him two years of sticking his little cock in my sloppy wet pussy while I dominated his pathetic little ass to know I’m a fat ass bitch, at least he paid attention.  That boy did whatever I told him to do.  I would bring guys home to fuck whenever I pleased.  He use to beg me after a while to find a guy so he could watch that guy slide into my cunt.  It was an instant hard-on for little dick boy when he saw that cock penetrate my slut holes.

It wasn’t my faultaaa I couldn’t get satisfied by his cock, I mean, I tried, I did.  However, I have to be able to feel it. It’s not like I wanted to feel like a Q-tip was inside me. At first, I was so in love, that I pretended it was doing something. After a while, it was just so obvious I was faking it and I wanted some real cum. Pretend cum is just not the same.

So after the day I had with him texting me all crazy, I was about to show him my soft side. I figured he likes cuckolding so much that you and I can show up to his place, and start fucking on his front lawn.  Combat his assholness with kindness since he loved it so much before, I am sure he will love watching you pound the crap out of any hole you wanted. What do you say, soon-to-be lover? Let me show you what Domniation Phne Sex is all about.


Domination phone sex

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