Super Bowl Sissy Training

Sissy training

Enough of all the sissy training, it’s game time, bitches!  Time to drop your cocks and pull up your socks, you’ve got a game to win!  I’m the perfect trainer for a team of willing wussy winners like this.  No, I don’t teach these twinks how to play football, I don’t even know any of the rules.  The game I play is completely different but just as important as any practice or workout regimen when it comes to creating a team of champions.

Before every game, I get the whole group of muscle bound girly guys together for some “team building exercises,” which is just a coded term for making the football chucking fairies fuck the holy hell out of each other.  I’m a firm believer that solidarity off of the field creates solidarity on the field, so to foster that mentality in these darling bozo’s I order them to molest and defile each other while they all take turns pleasing my sweet snatch.  I know, it sounds ridiculous right?  Well the proof is in the results.  I was hired in 2019 and took a team that hadn’t even been to the Super Bowl since 1980 to being champions in one season.  My secret is simple..  Plenty of asshole reaming, taint licking, knob gobbling sissy training!

The trick is starting out slowly and steadily ramping up the action, so a circle jerk always opens every pansy practice session.  I stand nude in the middle of them to give them a visual aid and walk around to ensure that each player is properly jacking his teammate’s johnson.  Once they’re all primed and pumping as one cohesive unit, I choose one lucky Lucy and start sucking him off.  It’s always a different player because I don’t want any of them to feel left out, but no matter who I choose, I always get them to blow a powerful, protein packed load deep into my masterful mouth.  That’s when the real, hardcore sissy training begins.

I pick two captains and they take turns choosing teammates until everyone has been picked, including me.  I flip a coin but nobody gets to call it.  If it lands on tails, we all give some head, lands on heads and we all give some tail.  Team one always goes first but we all end up kicking and receiving before our lascivious locker room practice is over.

I make sure that every one of my prissy players gets off before they gear up and take the field.  Cum filled asses play harder and win more and the LA Rams are proof of that.  I bet we win again and when we do it’ll be all because the Bengals don’t butt fuck each other.

Sissy training

Sissy training


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