Femboy training I love my pet sissies!

femboy training

Femboy training is everything I desire. I love my pets. I love my sweet kits and mutts and treat them like they are my own babies! Its national I love my pet day and My mind goes right to my pretty sissy girl pets that I own. I am a sensual momma Mistress to a few femboys. I knew this day would be one to celebrate as I had a new Tribute to my Domination. Oh he was perfect in every way. Everything I could desire in a sissy whore. We played twenty questions and with each answer I was molten lust! In full sissy mode for a couple years now and looking for an online mistress. I was in love. Dressed in the finest garters and stockings. Black is this sissy trainers color and guess what from the bralette to the thong panties and heels… All Blacka nd lacey! Swoon! Sissy pet had a nine inch didldo sucked  to the wall.  I knew it would be black before I even asked. “ You’re a BBC whore aren’t you baby?” I quipped.  I almost came in my panties as I set up and began to run my pussy. I wanted to go through the phone for the first time in a long time in a femboy training session. 

femboy training

I demanded to know sissy whores cock count. In the middle of the averages, I knew without a doubt they were all BBC! Can I own you? I breathed into the phone. ANd then he hit me with the gold standard of pets. “Miss Z I am  locked and chastity and want to build a Mistress and sissy pet relationship.” He purred! He wanted to send me his key or give me control any way he could. The very essence of a pet for me!  I had never been so enthralled and excited by a first time sissy call. Normally it takes me weeks to build up that kind of lust for a sissy slut!  I needed to be his mommy as he cooed I love you and backed up in front of his long mirror (Fuck yes!)  to fuck his pussy. I need black cock Mistress Mommy as my Slave pumped away and twerked. I wanted that whore to be on his back and me on his face as he got fucked like a female! I take joy in femboy training, my pussy reacts to a perfect pet match! I got to celebrate National I love my Pet day by sheer consequences. A reminder of all my sissy whore pets in my harem that I adore. If you’re one of them you already know who you are. I love you, my perfect sissy pets! femboy training



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    • Sweet Little Sissy Boy on April 15, 2022 at 5:40 pm
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    Damn Zoey, I would love to wear my panties, bra, stockings and red cocksucker lipstick and play in front of my mirror for you. Watching my big black dildo go all the way in my boy pussy then all the way down my throat. Tasting my boy pussy on that cock for you again and again.

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