Sissy Training Is a Must

sissy training

I certainly can’t have been the first to bring this to your attention, but you are a disgusting excuse for a man. Can you take a moment to consider why your bloody existence repulses me? The good news is that no matter what you think your worst offense is, you’re correct, and you’re winner winner-loser for dinner. How does that sound? You’ll be my enslaved sissy cum rag until you can prove that you have any worth above that. That means that your first introduction to my Sissy Fuck Bucket America 101 Training Camp. Awww, is your itty stiff, girl?

 You’ll get a brutal crash course in accurately forced feminization. Think about it, Nicki, don’t you want to be someone’s cum collector? When you prove that you can do that, I will put you further into my ultimate control over your weak sissy needs. It’s not fun squashing betas. I prefer to crush the ones that think they’re stealthy or at least wish that their balls would allow it to be in secret. It’s way too late, whore. Get over here, and take those dicks until you pass out, or they run out of cum, whichever filthy shit comes first.

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    • collier on April 30, 2021 at 4:25 pm
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    train me to be a little sissy whore

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