I Paddled His Clitty


After picking out a nice pair of red panties and trying them on at home, we did a little training. I invited some of my favorite cocks over to play. I had sissy stay in his panties and suck their dicks until they were nice and hard but did not allow him to let them cum. I made him watch each one of them fuck me and squirt their nice, warm, salty cum in my juicy, bald pussy. He was told not to let that little clitty get hard as he watched. Unfortunately, while sucking a big black cock and watching me take that big black cock hard in my pussy his little clitty got hard. He knew he was going to be punished. I sat my cum dumpster twat on the side of the bed and motioned him over. I had him bend over my knee and I spanked his red panty ass. I made him ask for each spank and thank me after. He did well BUT we must nip this behavior, so I made him stand in front of me and I swatted that little clitty a few times to remind him that he is not to get hard unless Mistress Francis tells him it is ok. He took those spankings so well that I let him clean all of that cum out of my pussy. He lapped every drop of that cum from my pussy hole, even sticking his finger in my pussy to make sure he got every drop of that salty goodness he so loves. I then bent over and had him clean my sweet little asshole of any cum that had drained down there. My sweet little sissy is progressing nicely.

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    • paul on April 30, 2021 at 4:24 pm
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    paddle my clitty please

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