Sissy Christmas Spanking


                                                                                                                        Sissy phone sex

My Slutty sissy Tj came over for a Christmas spanking. She was wearing some sexy lingerie we had picked out. She knows as soon as soon as she walks in, she will greet me on all fours so I can see right up that cute man pussy of hers. I bent her over my knee and gave her a spanking with my special pink paddle. It is special because it says “sissy slut” on it and when I use it hard enough it leaves those words right on her round ass. I spanked her and seeing those words one her sissy tight ass turned me on. Getting my cunt wet made me put my strap-on on, I bent her over the chair. As I slid my cock in her tight man pussy. As she moaned, I span ked her. Feeling the sting on my hand after every slap to her round ass excited me. I fucked her hard and deep reminding her she is my property and I get to do as I want. When we were done, and I had came hard she licked me clean like the perfect sissy slut does.

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    You are the best Mistress

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