Sissy Tickle Torture

Forced feminization


An unconditional part of my forced feminization process is femboy foot tickling.  That’s right, if you want to be one of my beautiful sissy bitches then you have to be willing to subject yourself to all sorts of teasing and torment, not the least of which will be the near endless tickle torture of your dainty little feminine feet.

Most wannabe women have dude feet because, when it comes down to it, let’s face it, that’s what they are.  We can paint them up and make them as soft and silky smooth as we want, but gnarled and knobby troll feet are always going to look buckled and haggard no matter how much you do to them.  Put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.  That doesn’t stop me, though.  I don’t discriminate, I tickle every sissy tootsie that clops its way through the doors of my Sissy Slut Hut.  A feminine step is a feminine step.

When I do get a girly guy with petite feet, not gonna lie, I cherish and pamper them a little bit more than the hobbit feet.  I don’t have to spend nearly as much time dolling them up as I do the others, so they get a little more undivided attention.  A little toe sucking and sole licking to start, followed up by some light kisses around the ankle.  

Eventually though, they all get the same tickle treatment.  Every last one of my sissy slaves has to get tickled by me personally until they piss in, and completely soak, their sissy panties.  Just another right of passage for Mistress K’s Super Slinky Girly Boys.  Trust me, compared to my clitty cum loving clients, I go easy on them.


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