Sissy Slave Training at the Glory Hole

sissy slave trainingI had a busy weekend sissy slave training. I have this one sissy who is a work in process. I have been feminizing her the best I can, however, I don’t have much to work with. She looks more like a transvestite than a femboy. I have dressed her, done her make-up and given her a pretty blonde wig, but she doesn’t look feminine enough to be one of my sissies. I thought perhaps if she swallowed some cum, it would help feminize her more. I dressed her up in a pretty dress. I did my best to make her look pretty and I took her to the glory hole. On the weekend, the glory hole is hopping. My plan was two days of cock sucking and cum guzzling would make her more feminine. Friday night we spent 5 hours at the glory hole. She was such a good cock sucker. She blew 46 cocks. Can you believe that? That was Friday night. On Saturday, we spent almost 8 hours at the glory hole, and she guzzled another 52 cocks. I was keeping track. In two days, she sucked off almost 100 cocks. She swallowed almost 100 loads of man seed. Cum is transformative in sissies. It helps soften features. It helps grow breasts. It helps stop hair growth on the body and it feminizes a sissy. I was very proud of my not so feminine femboy. The cum helped, because she looked radiant today. Something about being such a good cum guzzler pushed her out of the transvestite category and more into the sissy girl category. If you need help becoming a better and prettier sissy, you need some phone domination from a sexy sissy trainer. I want to help you get cum too. I want to help you become a very pretty cock sucker.

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