I made her do it

sissy phone sexMy newest little sissy bitch was reluctant to follow all of my rules so I had to punish her. And what better way to punish her than to make her do all the things she was reluctant to do in the first place right? So after she was all dressed up like a little slut I told her I was taking her out for a little surprise and boy did she get all excited. She was acting like she had been a good girl that deserved a treat or something and seriously nothing could be further from the truth. She was really a pain in my ass with all her complaining but that was gonna be changing real quick. I led her into this private club where I had all her clients all lined up and waiting for her. She was going to have to serve each and every one of them before we left there or she would no longer be my sissy. Well she cried about it but you know what? She sucked every fucking dick in the place! They fucked that tight lil pussy of hers too until she had cum running down her legs and she was too tired to stand up. Only then did I take her home and let her rest.

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