Some Sissies Need a Lot of Force

forced feminization

A lot of guys say they are into being sissified, but when push comes to shove they always end up backing out of the fun I have planned for them. But the next time I set up a feminization session, I will definitely have a back up plan in place. I’m going to take them to a place that has a nice security setup so they can’t get away from me. If forced feminization is what I have to do, then that’s what I’ll do.
Just imagine you are the person I am getting ready to feminize. You get scared when it feels like things are starting to get real. But when you try to get out of the room, you realize you can’t open it. You’re my sissy prisoner and I’m going to turn you into a sissy slut if it’s the last thing I do. You’ll put on the clothes I tell you to. You’ll learn to apply your makeup and if I can see that you aren’t trying, you are definitely getting a spanking. And when it’s time for your cock sucking and fucking lessons, you better do them with a smile on your face. When you’re ready to submit, give me a call.

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