Sissy phone tag

sissy phone

My Sissy Veronica was suffering from social anxiety. Sissy V is a shy one who enjoys cartoons and wants to be mommy’s sissy. The only way this sissy doll could release a happy milky out of her peepee hole is if Mommy Alessandra says yes. We both were wearing ponytails and knee-high stockings. Sissy veronica begs mommy for some rubbing action. Mommy grabs her toys and lets Sissy V show her all the practice she’s gone thru. Sissy Veronica deep-throated that big black juicy dildo.

Plenty of giggles and tickles put this sissy girl at ease. After a couple of days without  Mommy, sissy v gets nervous because she needs all the guidance and sissy tasks from the goddess.

I was away for a trip, and we both kept playing sissy phone tag. I kept missing my sissy’s call.

I knew how much stress would put her, so I devised a plan to put my sissy at ease. A  quick task she has to do to become a good girl. Sissy Veronica loves when mommy Alessandra sings her praises.

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