“I put a spell on you, and now you’re my sissy slut. 😉

Sissy Hypno Training will be how I mind control you. It won’t take much effort because I have quite the effect on men. I enjoy being the center of attention. Let’s get into it. Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me well. Ever since I could remember, I gravitated toward the spotlight. It didn’t matter if it was the school play or the dance floor at clubs…I always wanted all eyes on me!

As a girl, I enjoy shopping and spending other people’s money. I live for traveling worldwide and doing it on a sissies dime. I never knew so many wealthy men could be so easily manipulated. My theory is men like that don’t love being in control, so they want someone to humiliate them and drain them in every way. They spent all day making decisions and running
the board rooms. They want to forget it all and let a goddess run the show. Now that’s where I come in and take my place.

As a Spanish seductress, I get lots of attention, and I sure do enjoy it. Whether I am in south beach, showing off my perfect body, shopping in rodeo drive, Swiming in the pristine clear beaches of San Juan, sh or perhaps sightseeing in Europe, you know I’m living my best life.

Not only am I living a life most could only dream of, but I am also doing so, slaying sissies and making them my bitches and calling the shots.

My first encounter with sissifying a “” man”” was a complete accident. I didn’t mean to walk into my boyfriend wearing my panties. I could no longer see him the same, so I began to use what I knew about him. Lucky for me, he had plenty of hush money to throw my way. Before being even legal to drink, I made substantial money being a goddess who enjoyed sissy training.

The stories I have to tell will make a fantastic tell-all one day because I have some high-profile clients that are very well known.
I have sissies that are famous, even from royal lineage to even some joe schmos. Do you want to know a secret? I enjoy taking from the average joe so much more. Those men have a lot more to lose if their secrets were out. So instead, I make them learn their sissy mannerism dress them like dolls, and drain their bank accounts. I do it all while putting you under my spell forever, making you indebted to me.

Life is too short not to submit to an exotic goddess like Alessandra.”