““I put a spell on you, and now you’re my sissy slut.”

Sissy hypno training will be how I control you. The presence I exude is powerful enough that I know I won’t have to work very hard to have you under my grip and begging for more. Ever since I could remember, I gravitated toward the spotlight. It didn’t matter if it was the school play or the dance floor at clubs, I’ve always wanted all eyes on me and I’ve spared no effort to get them. As a girl, I enjoyed shopping and spending other people’s money, and that drive and lust for wealth has never faded for even a moment. I live for traveling worldwide and doing it on a Femboy training sissy’s dime. I never knew so many wealthy men could be so easily played to my tune, but here I am standing over a mountain of cash and fluttering my lashes for the next big money bags with a big enough cock to draw my interest and the credit card to keep it. My theory is that men with money forget about what used to matter, and don’t like being in control anymore. They yearn for a simpler time when they were told what to eat, when to eat, what to wear, what to suck and just how much to swallow before they pull back and let the last rope cover their cheek. They willingly hand everything over to me as long as I’ll make their decisions for them. I humiliate them, I drain them in every way, when I’m in a good enough mood I’ll even steal their cum as a prize. They want to forget it all and let a Forced feminization mistress run the show, so I give them what they want and take my place as their sigil of worship.