Sissy Hypno Training Uses Magic to Make You the Best Sissy Ever

sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training women will cast a spell on you on Magic Day turning you into a sissy boy. I have magical powers. Now, many men do not believe that. They see just a soccer mom or a sissy trainer. They do not see me for the magical witch that I am. I have been working on a new spell for sissies. There was no better day to cast my new spell than on National Magic Day, which was yesterday. I invited my newest sissy over. He is one who has a ton of disbelief when it comes to being a sissy. He knows in his head he should be a sissy. He has a small dick. Almost nonexistent balls, smooth body and feminine features, yet he struggles with doing anything a sissy would. He does not want to suck cock. He does not want to dress in sissy clothes. He does not want to get pegged in the ass. He came to me for sissy training. He knows logically that mature women make the best sissy trainers, yet he is not ready to say goodbye to his masculine self. So, I cast a sissy spell on him when he arrived yesterday. Power of suggestion goes a long way. I convinced him it was a spell I was casting, when it was just sissy hypno training techniques utilized by an experienced sissy trainer.

sissy hypno trainingI have been a sissy trainer for many years. I can make even the most unwilling sissies fem girls with the right spell. Being a sissy is magical anyway, don’t you agree. I mean I take you from a masculine looking man and turn you into a pretty girl who is begging for cock. And I do it all with the power of suggestion and some forced fem boy training. Never underestimate the magical powers of a sissy trainer. When my sissy arrived for his session yesterday, he was not prepared. He had not done anything I instructed him to do. So, I cast a spell on this unruly sissy. It was Magic Day, after all. Sissy hypno training was all the magic I needed. My pretty little boy was a girl just like that. The power of suggestion allowed me to get this sissy dressed in a frilly pink dress. The power of suggestion allowed me to put make-up and a wig on my sissy. And the power of suggestion had my sissy girl sucking an army of big black cocks down at the glory hole. I am a sissy trainer. If you come to me for training, I will use everything in my arsenal, even magic, to turn you into the best sissy ever.

sissy hypno training

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