Sissy Humiliation Training with Heaven

Sissy Humiliation Training

I’m the best sissy trainer you’ll ever come across anywhere online. My phone domination is top tier and I’ve trained one of the best white male sissy whores around; my faithful slave, Maddi. Maddi is the perfect exemplar of what a white sissy bitch should be; she does exactly what I say and worships the BNWO flawlessly (I suppose the blackmail helps, ha!). Maddi’s pathetic excuse of a cock– which really doesn’t even deserve that title; it’s much too small for that…it’s more like a clit, really– is always locked in chastity (the way the inferior race should be kept) and keeps that pussy hot and that throat ready for big black cock to fuck at a moment’s notice, ready to be whored out for my profit as I pimp your holes out to other members of the BNWO.

Maddi is the prototype for what you’re going to become; another worthless, pathetic sissy whore, obsessed with big black cock, whose only purpose is to serve superior, large throbbing dicks and worship ebony goddesses properly. Do yourself a favor and start your journey to becoming a proper sissy whore, a fleshy cum dumpster for the most superior mandigo dicks. 


    • Sissy Taye on March 10, 2023 at 2:10 am
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    I’d be in Heaven with you.

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