Femboy training for my bitch boss

When I was younger I babysat for a couple who I ended up giving Femboy training to the husband.. The wife was always at work while the husband only worked nights. During the day he would follow me around asking about my life as a young lady and if I had boyfriends. I would give some stories, especially when I noticed how excited he was when he heard about me having one night stands. One day I walked in on him wearing his wife’s panties. I couldn’t help but laugh and when he saw me I called him a sissy bitch who needs some training. I was still young and had only a little bit of experience with training a sissy whore.

Femboy training

I did know a hot BBC sissy trainer, so I called him over. When he came over he pulled his big black cock out and grabbed my bosses head and pushed it towards his cock. Part of his sissy bitch training would be he would be milking his cock with his mouth whenever he wanted. That was the day my sissy bitch boss became my new sissy bitch to train and use. His wife still thought i was just their nanny but we both knew and he became the best sissy bitch i had.

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