Hypnotic Training Turns You into Sissy Cum Dumpster

Sissy Hypno Training


Come take a look at this sissy hypnotic video. Put on the headphones and stare at the messages on the screen. You are about to become a true sissy. Follow the instructions on the screen and you will be slobbering on fat cocks in no time. All you need to know is that you are a fuck toy now. You have no purpose but to be a hole to be fucked. No matter if someone is fucking your throat or shoving their cock in your hole, you are only a plaything to be used. Every morning you should open up your ass with a huge dildo and stick a butt plug up in there to keep your hole nice and ready for any cock to remove and use. Exercise your jaw so you can suck cock for hours. Obey your Mistress and any male with a cock bigger than yours (which is almost every male). Look pretty, stay sexy and remember that you are a cock sleeve and every second a cock is not inside you is a second wasted.

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