Sissy Humiliation Training Mistress

sissy humiliation training

Being a sissy means that you need to get used to being humiliated. People are going to point and laugh and you’re just going to have to deal with that. Trust me, after a while it will even start to make your tiny little clitty hard and you’re going to love it. And pretty soon, you’re even going to crave it and get so excited when the men who you’re going to be plowed by get off by telling you what a loser you are. But to get you used to everything, you might need to call me for some sissy humiliation training.

I’ll help you out with what you can expect, and I’ll even strap one on and give you a taste of it when you talk to me. I think that even though you’re iffy on whether or not you are going to love being humiliated, you’re going to give in and have a really great time with me. And then you can move onto men with real cocks to give you what you really after, you nasty little cock sucking whore. Are you ready to submit to your mistress? 

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