Rewarding My Sissy

sissy training audio

My sissy slave slut has behaved so well. My good faggy boi has listened so well to Mistress. He has been such a good sissy boy sucking on those big black cocks for me. My perfect sissy boy has gotten all dressed up, prim and proper and scrubbing the floors. I didn’t even have to step on him for not cleaning fast enough. He got on his hands and knees and scrubbed the dirty grout around the toilet and in the bath tub. My good sissy boy always rubs his mistress’ feet and lathers my feet with his pink sissy boy tongue. When my sissy is a good slut, I love rewarding him by buying him a cute little outfit and pulling his little dicklet out of his cute lace panties and stroke his dicklet until it is throbbing in my hand. My sissy loves his mistress’ stroke and if he has been an extra good boy, mistress will have another sissy come and suck him off.

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