Princess Domme

Phone dominatrixPhone dominatrix that loves to make you weak. I know you will do everything I tell you to do. You have a family and youngins, but you still crave to be like your princess domme. You have told me all your secrets, and I know them all from the good the bad and the ugly. Don’t worry, keep me happy and you will never be exposed. I have to admit I get quite bored and may put you thru the ringer. You like being weak for me and seeing my pictures. I send you all my hot shots, and you fawn over how perfect I am. You are a fan of my paying slut. You wire me every bit of change I need and so much more. I knew you were the target from the moment I laid eyes on you. I saw you were lusting for my attention. You didn’t want an affair you tried to emulate me. You want to be me to the core and dress up and feel sexy. I have enjoyed making you wear that chasity device. Your wife is wondering why on earth you aren’t trying to fuck her. Wifey is thinking about all the girls you are fucking. If only she knew you were the one being fucked. Forced sissy training is what you begged me for since the beginning. Don’t complain about cum in your coffee cup now.

forced sissy training

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