Some Losers Need Sissy Humiliation Training

sissy humiliation trainingHe needed sissy humiliation training. This guy I know wanted to fuck me. He has a shrimp dick. How do I know? Because he has been sending unsolicited dick pictures to my social media accounts for days now. If I want to see your dick, I will ask. Don’t just send a woman pictures of your cock. And if you do, make sure you have something a woman wants to see. When Jake showed me his shrimp dick for the 100th time, I decided he needed humiliation. I invited him over. He thought it was to fuck. I was planning on fucking, just not him. I had a hung lover over whom I have used to sissy train my young boys. I was going to shame and cuckold him. My lover has a 10-inch cock. A lot bigger than Jake’s nub. I told Jake to slip into some panties. Like my sissy boys, his dick is more like a clit. It needs to be secure in panties, not getting lost in a pair of boxers. Jake really believed I was going to fuck him. I had no clue he was that stupid. My sissy boys helped shame the reluctant sissy. Jake had to watch a real cock, a real man fuck me. He had to hold his nub next to a real cock. I enjoyed laughing at him as I felt a real cock going in and out of me. Jake was sitting there in a pair of my panties, along side my sissy sons watching a real man take care of me. Jake was not as happy as my sissy boys. My sons were waiting for their treat. Jake was waiting to fuck me. Dumbass. He was getting forced sissy training. He was not fucking me. Not with a clit stick. My lover and my sissy boys helped me feminize Jake. Dress, wig, makeup, panties, bra and heels. Once he sucked my lover’s cock, he realized in my world he was nothing more than a sissy boy.

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  1. I want u to put dipper on me and make me wear it out in public with pink pantiees an bbra on

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