phone domination matters

Phone domination

I love talking to my little sissy,  Phone domination is what I enjoy implementing.

My sissy is one who loves to go out in public wearing complete women’s clothes. Lately, we’ve been doing some sissy tasks involving my sissy sounding much more feminine. I begin to have my sissy call up different places, make appointments inquiring about details, and try to sound like a woman as much as possible. If the person on the other line reacts as if they are speaking to a woman, then my sissy passes. There’s a fundamental level to having a feminized system. When you have one, you know you are doing everything correctly. The only way to pass each task is if sissy works on them. Taking a sissy to the Gloryhole isn’t the only thing. Dressing up in public, sucking on dildos, using them mastering hitting the G-Spot is very important. Sticking a suction dildo deep in that ass pussy  and being able to spread out plenty of just is a must.

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