Forced feminization for what, when you can roofy his drink!

Forced feminizationI turned a “man” into a F A G G O T. He came over for a good time to find me and a group of black guys celebrating his arrival.. Forced feminization was in the works! I’ve known him for a while and his dick does not measure up to my liking.

I decided to introduce him to his inner-self he never knew. As quick as he cums when we fuck, I knew there had to of been no way he was actually enjoying himself.. His hypersexuality had him coming back for more but realistically speaking he didn’t last long enough to actually feel the true sensations that sex has to offer. I poured him a glass of wine that I had roofied with molly.. I knew for certain the only way he was going to give in was if he were intoxicated..

As soon as he started swaying I stripped him of his denims and muscle shirt and tucked his clit into a sexy red pair of Sissy panties.. Well, TBH they were my used panties from the hamper; I wanted his clit to have the fresh scent of my pussy so when the guys went down on him they would get a whiff of heaven tucked between his legs. His man pussy was prepared naturally with a rim-job and a slip of masculine fingers rotating in his ass.. His woody stood tall while he got his prostate massaged.

I knew he would enjoy the feeling of his skin clench and heat up when the head of a big fat cock slid into his asshole. Goosebumps filled his body while he was bent over the barstool taking a big thick dick deep into his derriere. A prostate milking was what he deserved! I gently caressed his nub while he howled and pleaded “harder, harder OMG ————-> daddy!” My jaw dropped; he naturally surrendered. He didn’t even require too much force! For the entire night he pleaded for round after round and ever since he’s become an addict with a need for Big black cock! What makes me the Best sissy trainer? Simply by helping you establish your sissy persona and desire to reach your true potential of satisfaction! This process happens naturally in due time. 

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