Once You Go Black…

BBC sissy trainer

I know your dirty little secret, baby. You always tell me how much you hate black people, but I think there is more to the story. I think you’re pretending to be a racist prick to hide the fact that you want to get down on your knees and take a big black cock balls deep down your throat. Yeah, I saw the porn that you were watching and I think that you are in desperate need of a BBC sissy trainer. And luckily for you, I am the perfect girlfriend to do that for you.
We can start with putting you into a really fucking raunchy pair of panties. You’ll also need some red lipstick so you can leave a ring around that BBC and we can see how much of it you can take down your throat. Don’t worry if you can’t get down too far on your first time. I have no doubt that you’ll be a cock sucking faggot whore in no time. And before you suck his cock you need to tell him how sorry you are for all the racist nonsense that’s come out of your mouth – the mouth that’s only going to be used as a cum dumpster from now on. What are you waiting for? Call me so I can turn you into a cock sucking sissy.

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