Sissy Slave Training

sissy slave trainingI love sissy slave training my sissies. I have a few prized pupils. Some are married and must be very discreet with their sissy duties. Others are free to be the best sissy they can be. And a few are single but can only practice from the safety of their home because of stigma. They have jobs or parents that just wouldn’t understand. Breaks my heart when a sissy can’t be who she was born to be outside her home. I have two sissy boys. I knew when they were young what their true nature was. I didn’t guide them to be sissies. I let them explore their sexual identities. And those identities involved wearing mommy’s panties, playing with her make-up and sucking on her dildos. I’d buy them gender appropriate toys and they would play with their big sister’s old Barbie dolls instead. I stopped buying them boy things by the time they started school.  They are still in school, but they go to an arts school. Its LBGQT friendly. They can be themselves. The younger generation gets it. They don’t judge. For you older sissies, the best sissy trainer is a mommy who understands you can’t always be out sucking cock or going to stores and buying lingerie for yourself. I wish you could be like my sons, but I understand different generation and different situations. Regardless if you can go out and get cock and toys like my precious Bambi or you have to stay in the closet like Mickey, this sissy boy mommy wants to help you make the best of sissydom.

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